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Meet says to Manmeet come let’s join hands. Shagun shakes hands from above with them. Meet says now leave my hand. Manmeet says remember one thing we are still enemies, and whatever I’m doing is for my mother. We are like fire and water and we are totally separated.

She says to herself that he asked me for help, but I backed off because I was scared. If things remain the same between Meet and Manmeet, they will get together, you must stop this. Shagun is approached by a lady who says Sarkar has called. As Meet and Manmeet enjoy their time together, Manmeet says at least check on your girlfriend. She must be jealous. Manmeet says Shagun knows very well I hate you.

He says you are going to be my future daughter-in-law, so tell me if I can trust you. Shagun replies, “Yes, I can.” Sarkar tells her to listen carefully. Because Meet will try to sabotage my marriage, I want you to keep an eye on her and report everything to me. You are Manmeet’s shadow and understand all the rules and regulations of the house, so I am giving you this job. I have something to tell you, Shagun says, so don’t worry, you can trust me.

Meeting says to Manmeet don’t worry about your girlfriend, I’m afraid she will tell everyone in anger that we joined hands. Manmeet says don’t worry about her, just think things over. As Meet slips, both her and Manmeet fall and their lockets become entangled, and a dupatta falls over them. Manmeet removes the dupatta.

Meet tries to entangle the locket in nervousness and says if someone sees it like this it will be a problem. Manmeet says wait calmly and do this or else we may get hurt. Meet quickly steps back as Manmeet releases them. She tries to remove her locket, but it is stuck in Manmeet’s locket. Meet says I will tell you about my ideas tomorrow. Manmeet asks Shagun what’s wrong as he walks towards him.

Jalebi is shown the most expensive jewellery that only belongs to Jashoda by Imarti. Gunvanti and Sapna approach Imarti and stop her. Imarti mocks Sapna and warns her to stay away or otherwise, she will throw her out. Gunvanti pulls Imarti and says Meet is helping us and we are all supporting her now.

He says to Shagun, you should have told Bapu Sarkar that I am now with Meet. Shagun says I can’t because Maa has been punished, but if he punishes you and cancels our marriage, what will we do? Manmeet promises he won’t know.

Manmeet says don’t worry it’s about 5 days after that she will be out of our life with the help of video, so don’t worry. Shagun says I need one more promise. Meet sits and thinks about what should I do so Sarkar will change her mind about marrying. Manmeet walks up to Meet and asks what happened, but nothing came to her mind, and she drinks their tea.

When it comes to me, you always agree on everything and now nothing comes to you. Meet asks if you are challenging me. Manmeet replies yes. Meet mocks Manmeet. Sapna pukes in front of Manmeet and Meet, who walk with her to give her water. As Manmeet watches Jashoda puke, Sundari tells him to stop stressing so much. Manmeet thinks of an idea and calls Shagun, telling her he has a fabulous idea.

Manmeet tells Shagun to go and spread the news. She does as he says, and everyone is shocked.

Sarkar asks everyone what the problem is, Manmeet tells Meet about his idea. Meet asks is this your plan. Sarkar asks why everyone is shocked. Everyone just giggles. Gunwanti tells Sarkar Jashoda is pregnant. Sarkar is shocked. Meeting looks at Manmeet in shock. Gunwanti congratulates Sarkar on becoming a father again. Imarti and Jalebi are confused.

As Meet pulls Manmeet aside, he asks, is this your idea? Manmeet replies, yes, and this will work surely. Remember when Sapna Bhabhi’s pregnancy was announced, now Bapu Sarkar will forgive Maa.

Sarkar sits in confusion.

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