Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update on

She apologizes to Dr. Satya, explaining that she did not know he was treating Sheetal’s daughter. If he or Sheetal had informed her beforehand… When Satya asks if she wouldn’t have judged him or Sheetal or their intentions, he says he doesn’t have a problem with her anger, but he has trouble with her thinking. She apologized for her anger, what about her thinking; it is good that he understands who she is and feels sad that she is like others who have small hearts and small brains.

Savi returns from home and hugs Sai. Sai asks why she is late from school today. She says it is the day of her school project’s presentation. Sai says she must have won. Sai says it is Vinu dada. Vinu runs in with a trophy, and today’s winner is Jr Dr Vinayak Chavan. Everyone claps for him. Paakhi says she is proud of her son and reaches out to hug him. Vinu runs and hugs Sai instead, leaving Paakhi and her supporters shocked.

Sai thanks Vinu for her help and says if she had not taken her to her hospital, he wouldn’t have won. Bhavani says masta masta, he won an award like Sai. Ninad asks him what he did to earn the award. In Sai’s hospital, Vinu met Dr Satya, who was very good and had a unique way of treating patients; he wrote an essay about what he observed and won an award. Virat walks to Paakhi and says he knows she is upset seeing Vinu hugging Sai instead of her. Paakhi says she is a mother and happy to see her son win first prize. Virat asks if she is not upset with Vinu hugging Sai.

Paakhi says she doesn’t mind when her son loves her and just wants her son to thrive in life. Virat gets emotional hearing that and holds her hand and says it feels good to know that love grows when shared. Sai says yes and makes an evil face.

As Satya imagines his deceased wife, Girija, he tells her that Dr Sai is a strange character, she misunderstood him, and she knows he doesn’t flirt with anyone and is a one-woman man. Girija says he is. Satya says Dr Sai thinks only she is right and everyone else is wrong. Amba silently enters and keeps chilli powder nearby.

He tastes it lost in thoughts and shouts why did she do this? She asks Amba to taste her new masala variation. He tastes it and says it’s less strong. Amba says it’s like his marriage line in his palm. She complains to Girija to convince him to stop having imaginative conversations with her.

For the first time in five years, Satya says he’s talking about another woman other than Girija. Amba laughs and says he’s talking about another woman. Satya says she can’t see him angry. Amba reminds him of the Guddi Padwa festival tomorrow. Satya shows him the saris she brought for her and three other family members.

After getting ready for Gudi Padwa shopping, Mohit asks Karishma to rush. After applying Lakme cream, Karishma promotes it. They then leave for shopping. In the morning, the Chavan family dresses up in traditional attire for the festival. Virat gets Vinu ready in a dhoti kurta and reveals they celebrate new year on Gudii padwa.

He gives the gajra to Vinu and asks him to distribute it among all women of the family. Ashwini takes Gajra from Vinu. Paakhi walks to him. Ashwini asks Virat to give her a gajra and asks him to fix it in her hair. As Paakhi receives news from the lawyer that her work will be completed today, she grins.


Sai receives legal notice that her and Pulkit’s medical licenses will be suspended for intentionally removing Paakhi’s uterus.


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