Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 6th June 2023 Written Update

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum

Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 6th June 2023, Written Update on

As the episode begins, Rani Maa asks Samar to remember the protocols and leave. She asks what’s in this. He says it would have been obvious to her if she had read the contract before tearing it. She checks out Shiv’s accident pictures. Samar says I know about it, I don’t go to anyone’s house empty-handed, so I got you a gift, it’s only for your eyes.

This criminal is still alive, he says. She says he will get caught. He says his team got these pictures and they’ll catch him, we’ll inform your office. Thanks for your time, and I’m leaving now. Rani Maa stops him and asks how he got the pictures. Ambitai says sorry, Shiv has arrived. Rani Maa says I have to greet him. I’ll talk to you later.

She takes Raghu to the palace and he says I remember everything. She says you did not say anything, and I did not hear anything. She asks him to be quiet. He responds by saying I love you since childhood.

As he asks if my love for you is wrong, she replies that it is, yes, it is wrong and one-sided. Rani Maa hurries to welcome Shiv. She sees him come with Surilii and gets shocked. He says you are very cute and I am very lucky to have you in my life. He asks her to hold his hand. He says we shouldn’t be scared of anyone. Samar looks on and smiles as Rani Maa goes to Shiv.

Surilii is introduced by Shiv. She greets Rani Maa, remembering Guni’s words. She leaves. Swati and Raghu get shocked when they see Shiv and Surilii married. Raghu smiles. He asks, is she really your wife… Shiv replies yes, she is my wife. Swati cries. Rani Maa recalls Shiv’s childhood.

As Swati leaves, Raghu congratulates Shiv and Surilii. Maan and Sam welcome Bhabhi. Raghu asks Ambitai to prepare for Shiv and Surilii’s arrival. Maan and Sam do so. Shiv says Maa is upset. Raghu says you got married by your wish, will you celebrate by mum’s wish, you’re her favourite and she will forgive you for your mistake. Surilii deserves a royal welcome, Sam says yes.

“We’ll welcome you,” Ragu says. Surilii expresses her gratitude. They proceed with Surilii’s grahpravesh (housewarming ceremony). Sam comments, “Surilii looks stunning in Indian attire, but you look funny.” He chuckles. “He’s right,” Surilii responds, “When you behave appropriately, you appear formal. You have to wear boxers to appear distinct.”

Shiv smiles. Ambitai does their aarti. She guides Surilii to the rasam. Shiv helps Surilii remove her shoes. She thanks him. She steps into the house.

The precap:

Madhu gets angry with the Barot family. Surilii says she loves Shiv so she is here. Rani Maa says this is an illusion that won’t last forever.

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