Meet 23rd January 2023 Written Update

Manmeet says go tell your family I’m ready to marry you. Lady asks what about your family, your home to bring Shagun Thali. Manmeet says I had one grandmother, but she died. He points toward Meet and says to ask them about being family. In reply, Meet asks Raj if he wants us to help him get married, and he asks an unknown girl to bring Shagun Thali to his home. Raj asks Meet how he can do that. Meet asks Raj what he can do.

The girl tells Manmeet that her family will bring Shagun thali tonight, and her name is Shagun. Manmeet replies, “I heard you, and now I’ll bury every thought inside.” Meet and Babita are in the hall together. Meet asks why are we approving Manmeet. Babita says I see my child in him. Manmeet asks how I look.

He looks like Meet Ahlawat after seeing him. Babita gets emotional and tells him he looks good. Manmeet walks up to her and asks if she is jealous of him. Meet says why would I? He says if you think deeply enough, you will find what you want. Meet says why are you following me and helping me a lot, I don’t want your help to go.

Someone rings the doorbell. Manmeet says he thinks Shagun’s family members are here. He tells her she needs a man in her life or else she will be alone, and you still have time to say yes or else he will walk away from her. As Raj opens the door, he sees Sarkar and Shagun standing together. Everyone is shocked. Sarkar walks in and greets. Meet hears his voice and is shocked. Manmeet asks Sarkar if Shagun is their daughter.

He says that she is like my daughter and her marriage is my responsibility. Jasodha asks him to promise not to step back after knowing she is from our family. Raj asks everyone to come in. Everyone comes in. Sarkar looks at Meet and says you are educated and remembering our past. I think this won’t have an impact on our relationship.

Taking Manmeet away, Meet tells him to listen to me carefully, any action taken in anger is not always a good idea, this is Sarkar’s plan. When you say yes to me, think about my life, and save me from him, you still have time, you say yes, I will say no. Meet walks out.

Meet and Manmeet outside. Manmeet asks Sarkar how to move forward. Jasodha says we’re ready, so she gives thali to Babita, who invites them to her palace. Manmeet offers Meet ladoo for his marriage. Sarkar congratulates everyone. Meet pushes Sarkar’s hand and walks away.

Meeting, Raj, and Babita are walking together. Babita says she knows Sarkar is not a very good person after being your enemy but I think he’s planning something against us. Meet says Manmeet is quite smart to know everything we should be worried about.

Then Sarkar asked Manmeet to stop the jeep and get out. Sarkar pointed a gun at Manmeet and asked, what game are you playing with us, you promise to marry Shagun, but are still in love with Meet.

Sarkar says you will cheat me. Manmeet picks a piece of glass and cuts his thumb and applies his blood to Sarkar’s forehead in a tilak. Manmeet says I will cheat on Sarkar, not you, but Meet Hooda. In shock, Sarkar hugs him and says that he will not waste a single drop of blood from his child and introduce him to Jasodha as his son.

She gets emotional saying she had been waiting to meet you, you were always near me but I didn’t know you were there. Manmeet hugs her. Sarkar looks at him and says my younger son Manmeet (Chotay Sarkar) will marry her as revenge for disrespecting me.

As Manmeet says, I will marry Meet and bring my mother in front of you so you can punish her for her behaviour, but in reality, I will marry Shagun. I think Manmeet is a good boy, he looks like Meet Ahlawat and respects us, so why don’t you say yes to him?

Manmeet says don’t worry, she will melt, she will get angry after seeing Shagun get married to me after seeing that she will break up with my wife and marry me after seeing that she will break up with my wife and marry me. Sarkar says she won’t say yes easily.

Raj is trying to pressure me into saying yes, so tell me is this the right way to do it, I have one aim in life, to build that factory.

Meet came here to build her factory, but she got into a fight with you because of that, my mom also had difficulties, but now her life will be hell, he looked at his father and said, “I swear to you this is my oath.”.

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