Agnisakshi Written Episode Update – 7th September 2023: Jeevika’s Memory Loss Shocks Her Family


Agnisakshi 7th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Satvik embracing Jeevika, expressing confidence that she will make it. She nudges him away, questioning his identity. Shlok wonders why Bhabhi does not recognize Bhaiyya. Maayi clarified that Jeevika had lost her memory. Although she rescued her in the forest and saved her life, she could not restore her memory.

Similarly, Jeevika is also unable to recognize herself. Aadhya assures that Vahini will recognize her. Shlok urges Jeevika to identify them. Lata interrupts the questioning, insisting that it is time for Jeevika to join them.

Maayi invites Jeevika to join them, reassuring her that this is a safe space for their family. Narayan expresses his gratitude to Maayi for rescuing Jeevika. Maayi clarifies that she has brought one of their own and asks Satvik to take care of her. As she leaves, she notes that the battle between good and evil has just begun. Juhi informs Sundari that they have not appropriately celebrated, as Jeevika has returned. She accuses Jeevika of being deceitful and imposturous. In turn, Sundari calls Juhi out for being just as guilty. Juhi speculates that Jeevika may be pretending to have amnesia and insists on seeing her with Satvik. With that, she exits the scene.

I don’t know what Rajnandini will make me do, Sunari thinks, as she thinks where Rajnandini trapped me, and he shows Jeevika the photo frames and album. He then tells Jeevika about their first proper meeting and says it was in the temple. He apologizes and says he didn’t get there, and we met at your house. He asks if you remember the story you told me about yourself, and I told you about me. Juhi watches them from the window.

Satvik asks Jeevika if she remembers their marriage and says I was surprised seeing you having 35 golgappas. He asks if you remember that we used to cook together, go to the office together, and say our ohu ohu and cough. Satvik says our first date was when we negotiated to buy vegetables. He asks if she likes bangles and holds her hand. Jeevika says I respect your feelings, but you can’t touch me. Juhi smiles.

Jeevika apologizes, admitting that she doesn’t recognize herself and feels uneasy about your closeness. Satvik agrees to give you space and steps out, but his departure leaves him feeling down. Soon, Juhi appears and presents herself as Rajnandini’s younger sister. She reminds Jeevika of their past friendship and how open they were with each other. Juhi then confides in Jeevika, sharing her curiosity about the relationship between her and Satvik. However, she fabricates a story that suggests they were only married by name and could not form a proper bond.

Jeevika apologizes for being unable to continue their conversation due to her headache. She politely requests some time alone to rest. Juhi reassures Jeevika that she will always support her, as true friends do. After her departure, Sukanya, Swara, and Pradeep arrive at Savitri Nivas. Sukanya inquires about Jeevika’s whereabouts and well-being, while Lata informs them that she is doing much better now. Satvik adds that she has made significant progress but pauses before elaborating further. Just as she enters the room, Swara wonders where Tai (Jeevika) is. Juhi remarks that they should see if Jeevika recognizes them or not. Sukanya calls out to her, but Jeevika seems confused and admits not knowing who they are, leaving everyone stunned.

Satvik tells them that Jeevika has lost her memory. Sukanya asks Satvik to take care of Jeevika, not say anything, and wait for her. She says she knows she cannot forget you, even if she doesn’t remember everything. The man says he loves her so much and will support her until the end of his life.

Satvik hands Jeevika a mangalsutra and requests that she wear it when she falls in love with him. Jeevika gazes at the mangalsutra as Swara interrupts and asks to speak with her for two minutes, promising not to cause any trouble. Jeevika questions if they are sisters, and Swara reminds her of their relationship through Jeevika’s husband, who never lost hope and waited for Jeevika’s return despite sacrificing food and sleep. She urges Jeevika to forget the past but remember her husband’s deep love for her.


Satvik and Jeevika collide. Later, Satvik brings her tea. Jeevika throws the tea cup and says you don’t need to act, we are divorced and I want it that way.

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