Suhaagan 9th November 2023 Written Episode: Courtroom Drama Unfolds as Truth and Deception Collide”


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The Episode opens with Payal reminding Bindiya to refrain from falsely using her name. The Judge intervenes, requesting that she not interrupt the court proceedings. Payal questions why she is giving someone 5 lakhs rupees for a phone when she could purchase a new one alone. Bindiya argues that she is being taken advantage of because she cannot speak the truth. The Judge urges her to put everything aside and talk about the truth. The lawyer insists on her telling the truth as well. Despite this, Bindiya still refuses to do so. The lawyer then warns her of losing the case and her husband and being labeled as characterless if she continues down this path. Finally, Bindiya hands over Payal’s phone to the Judge and asks for it not to be shown in court.

The judge questions, “What is the meaning of this joke?” Payal smirks once more. The judge observed that no video was present, only the photos on the table. Bindiya confirms and expresses confusion, stating that she had watched the video previously. Chopra interjects, accusing Bindiya of mistreating Krish. Bindiya firmly declares that she would never do such a thing, even if it meant her death. She reveals that Payal’s phone had been lost and owned by a thug who was blackmailing her for 5 lakh rupees, claiming to have a personal video on it. Payal then chimes in, “I have retrieved my phone now.”

Bindiya accuses Payal of lying, but Krish defends her and reveals that he found her missing phone in his room last night and returned it to her. As Payal proudly displays the phone to the judge, Bindiya is taken aback. With tears in her eyes, she stares at the phone in disbelief. Chopra confidently declares that the case is solved. Meanwhile, Payal reflects on how fortunate it was that her plan with the phone worked out, thanks to Chopra’s help. She confesses that she had hidden her phone in Krish’s room. Impressed, Chopra praises Payal for executing her plan flawlessly and points out that a similar phone was found with the goon. Smirking to herself, Payal recalls the successful reenactment of events and snaps back to reality as the flashback ends.

Chopra informs Judge that Bindiya Shukla’s true character is one of greed and betrayal. How could my client spend the rest of his life with such a woman? Bindiya’s attorney argues that it is unfair to make accusations without proof, suggesting they examine the photos. However, Chopra counters by revealing that he has a witness, her former lover, who has known her for years. He expresses disgust at Bindiya’s behavior, stating that she should be ashamed for trapping an innocent person like Krish and instead using money to get rid of him.

Krish expresses his frustration, exclaiming, “Enough!” Bindiya meets his gaze. He continues, refusing to believe any evidence that may be brought forth, whether in the form of thousands of photos or witnesses – not even God himself could convince him of Bindiya’s supposed wrongdoing. He assures the Judge that despite her stubbornness and tendency to taunt him at times, he knows Bindiya would never stoop to such low actions. Krish clarifies that he will not tolerate anyone attempting to defame her character. Turning to Chopra, he reminds him that he has already stated his desire not to resort to any immoral tactics just for the sake of winning the case. However, Chopra insists on presenting proof, which Krish promptly tears apart in disgust. He condemns Chopra for using these photos to shame a young girl and vows to do the same with anyone who tries to use such methods against Bindiya. Smirkingly, Chopra mentions his “witnesses” as well.

The guy says Bindiya gave him money to act. The judge asks him to maintain court decorum and admit the truth. He claims Chopra paid him to do this and runs away from the courtroom. Payal thinks she might get exposed and starts blaming Chopra and says Krish asked you not to do this. Chopra says it was all Payal’s plan. As I am in litigation, Payal says you are taking my name.

She relays that Mr. Chopra is determined to win the case as it marks his 100th. However, she also clarifies that she stands by her side and labels Chopra despicable. In response, Chopra vows to expose her true character. Hearing this, Krish intervenes and pleads with Chopra to cease his actions, apologizing to the Judge in the process. He states that he does want a divorce, but not at the expense of damaging someone’s reputation. Bindiya realizes her deep love and respect for Krish at that moment. The onlooker compliments Krish and wishes for more husbands like him. The judge then announced that she would notify the bar council to take action against Chopra and postpone the court proceedings.

Chopra angrily storms off, vowing not to leave anyone. The lawyer reassures Bindiya that Chopra’s actions are now limited. He then proceeds to set a date for their next meeting. Payal decides to approach Chopra and attempt to dissuade her from implicating her. She leaves the scene. Bindiya expresses her gratitude towards Krish, prompting him to apologize on behalf of Chopra and express his ignorance of the situation. Baldev is filled with pride for his son and embraces him warmly. Krish suggests they continue the conversation at home and take his leave. Pankaj remarks that Bindiya’s faith has triumphed today, but she humbly credits it to her father’s upbringing and praises Krish for protecting the honor of the Shukla family.


After getting drunk, Bindya asks Krish to say I love you to her.

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