Agnisakshi 2nd May 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Satvik pulling over to answer a call and talking to Sampath. Jeevika assures Satvik that she will return soon. As she crosses the road, she notices a car about to hit Supriya and quickly saves her. Grateful, Supriya thanks Jeevika for saving her life and they strike up a conversation. Jeevika then asks if they have met before, to which Supriya replies that perhaps their paths have crossed in the stars because fate has already decided it. They both enter a nearby shop together where Jeevika expresses her desire to get married and decorate her house. She mentions that she is already married but hasn’t had the chance to decorate her home yet.

Supriya inquires about Jeevika’s marital status and asks if she had a love marriage. Jeevika clarifies that it was an arranged marriage but she is still deeply in love. Impressed, Supriya compliments Jeevika, saying that anyone would fall for her as she is such a lovely person. Satvik ends the call, believing that Jeevika has arrived at their location. Supriya then takes her to a shop where she had purchased some antique items. They both admire the same piece and Supriya suggests using it for decoration. Jeevika surprises Supriya with a unique gift and invites her to come over and help decorate her new home. In return, Supriya insists on getting something from Jeevika’s house as well. Just then, Satvik calls Jeevika, who answers the phone and assures him that everything is fine. Supriya panics upon seeing Satvik standing there and quickly hides from his view while he asks where Jeevika is currently located.

She tells Satvik what she bought. She says a friend gave her this piece. Satvik asks what her name is? Jeevika says she doesn’t know. They go to the lawyer’s office. The lawyer tells them their divorce can’t happen as Satvik hasn’t signed. Jeevika asks Satvik to sign. Satvik signs with a heavy heart. The lawyer says he doesn’t know what to say. He asks you how much alimony you want from Satvik.

Jeevika has made it clear that she has no interest in receiving any alimony. Swara discusses her sister’s situation with Shlok, who responds to her. Swara wonders if she knows him. The lawyer explains that following the necessary procedures is a crucial part of the process. Jeevika reiterates that she has no intention of selling her divorce and leaves the conversation. Satvik urges the lawyer to proceed as he wants to ensure Jeevika’s future and fulfill his responsibilities. However, they get into a disagreement about it. The lawyer questions whether they are there for a divorce or a marriage, to which Jeevika responds once again that she does not want alimony and exits. Satvik instructs the lawyer to continue and asserts that he will do what he can to secure Jeevika’s future.

Rajnandini asks Juhi what the matter is. Juhi says she wants to marry Shlok, but he seems to be interested in someone else. Rajnandini says she will get Juhi married to Shlok. Juhi hugs her.

As Jeevika walked along the road, Satvik beckoned her to join him in the car. He apologized for causing her sadness and she refused to speak to him. They both sat in silence, with only a flask of tea for sustenance. Satvik then purchased biscuits to accompany their tea and Jeevika questioned where they would find the rest of the items needed to set up their new home. As they drank their tea, Satvik reminded Jeevika of his responsibilities towards her, causing tears to well up in her eyes as she thought back on their dreams together.

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