Suhaagan 7th November 2023 Written Episode: Bindiya’s Desperate Attempt to Save Family’s Honor


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The episode begins with Payal informing Krish, while Bindiya reassures that she will handle the situation. A call from the goon interrupts, and he congratulates Payal on her new phone, to which she questions how he knows it. She warns him not to play smart and demands her phone back for his good. The goon sarcastically mentions her concern for his well-being and instructs her to bring 5 lakhs Rs in exchange for her phone. Payal calls him greedy and expresses her dilemma of obtaining such a large amount. The goon then threatens to leak a compromising video of her. Taking over the conversation, Bindiya offers to pay the demanded amount and is given until morning. Bindiya expresses her concern about arranging the money.

According to Payal, she assured her that she would handle the situation, but Bindiya insisted on interfering. Bindiya expressed concern about the household’s reputation being tarnished because of Payal. In response, Payal suggested that Bindiya leave and remove her jewelry from the cupboard. Bindiya commented that it appeared to be jewelry from their ancestral village, Chirayya. However, Payal retorted that it was her choice whether or not she wanted to wear it. Bindiya declared she would not allow Payal to sell their family’s ancestral jewelry. But Payal accused Bindiya of not wanting her to have a mobile phone, as she desired for her video to go viral and for Payal to be humiliated. Bindiya claimed that her intentions were much more significant – to protect a woman’s dignity and their family’s reputation. Despite this, Payal persisted in wanting to sell her jewelry. In response, Bindiya implored her not to be stubborn and promised to arrange for money before leaving the room. Observing this exchange, Payal pretended to be anxious.

Krish receives a call from Chopra, assuring him he will arrive on time. Meanwhile, Bindiya secures a loan of 5 lakhs Rs from a money lender by mortgaging the farm. Payal is about to take the money, but Bindiya insists on bringing it herself. Payal expresses her gratitude for Bindiya’s help and reminds her not to hope she will leave Krish for her. She acknowledges that Bindiya is helping her out of kindness, not with expectations. They both hop onto the scooter and start towards their destination. Just then, Krish tries calling Payal, but she ignores his call. Worried about their whereabouts, Krish checks with Sakshi, who informs him that Payal and Bindiya are not home. As they race towards their destination, Payal updates Bindiya on the lack of messages from the blackmailer and shares the location details with her as they ride ahead.

Krish informs Indu that Chopra received a special hearing today and requested my presence in court. Baldev inquires the reason, to which Indu responds positively. Krish clarified that he did not inform his lawyer, as his lawyer would relay the information to her. Baldev offers to tell her instead. Payal gives Bindiya directions while Krish is en route to court, following the instructions. As they proceed, Payal advises Bindiya to stop, as the blackmailer called and instructed her to give 20 Rs to a balloon seller and purchase a red balloon without showing any cleverness.

When they arrive at the balloon seller, Payal says okay. Krish is standing there. Bindiya sees him and takes the turn. Payal asks if they are playing games with him. Bindiya asks the same thing. They decide to go back to see Krish. She says she doesn’t know how he got here. She acts and asks what to do next. The blackmailer calls and asks why you took the turn. Bindiya says she will reach there in 2 minutes. Payal acts and says she worries that if he goes viral, then what will happen?

It is her turn to sit. Payal promises to give the blackmailer money and to take her phone. Bindiya says I will take your cell phone since Krishna Ji listens to you, not me. She hesitates. She thinks I’ll give the money to the blackmailer and asks her to go. Payal thanks her and hugs her. She becomes emotional, and tears flow. She buys a red balloon from the balloon seller. He walks up to the blackmailer and brings her there.

The balloon seller invites Bindiya inside, who appears apprehensive. The goon instructs the man to leave. As Bindiya enters, her pallu gets caught, and she accidentally bumps into the man, causing them both to fall. He quickly checks if she is okay and apologizes before quickly leaving. The goon calls for Bindiya’s attention and shows her Payal’s video. In exchange for money, Bindiya asks for the mobile and inquires about the video’s contents. The goon reassures her he won’t share it publicly as he hasn’t saved it. Bindiya takes Payal’s phone and flees from there.

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