Suhaagan 11th November 2023 Written Episode: Payal’s Arrest Creates Chaos!


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The episode begins with Krish and Bindiya in the car, with Nikku behind the wheel. The woman whom Payal had assaulted explains that she works for Payal’s son and does not deserve to be beaten for stealing. Upon seeing Bindiya in the car, Payal starts yelling about how much her husband loves her. Confused, Krish questions Nikku about the commotion while Bindiya continues to shout about her devoted husband. Payal is taken aback and calls out to Krish. Onlookers wonder if Bindiya is either insane or attempting to divert their attention from something.

Bindiya says my husband loves me a lot, and Nikku enjoys seeing their accidental romance. She tries to leave quickly, but the lady (victim) and another lady hold her. When Krish asks him to drive faster, Payal is arrested by the police. The lady claims she beats me badly. Payal asks them to leave her, and the lady constable threatens to slap her.

In preparation for leaving, Nikku drops them off at home. Krish tells him to check inside to see if anyone is inside so he can take Bindiya in. When Nikku enters, he sees nobody. He signals Krish to come. Vikram comes there and asks Nikku where Krish is. Nikku says Krish is outside. Vikram asks him to sit. Nikku says Sakshi bhabhi is calling you. Vikram leaves. Krish is taking Bindiya inside.

“Bindiya is adamant about not going inside. Krish suggests playing the band, asking if she wants him to do so. Bindiya then requests that Krish ask her husband to express his love for her. Krish advises Bindiya not to be stubborn, but she persists and asks him directly to declare his love for her. Krish sighs, unsure of how to handle the situation. Finally, he concedes and says, “Okay,” before telling Bindiya that he loves her and that her husband also loves her deeply. He then asks if she is satisfied with this assurance. Bindiya smiles and reiterates that her husband truly cares for her, trusting Krish enough to take her anywhere.”

Despite Krish’s phone in his car, Payal asks them to let her go and not drag the small matter along. The constable says you have beaten the lady so badly and pulled her skin. The lady says no one beats animals so viciously. Payal offers the woman 500 rupees to dismiss the case, but the lady throws it away. A constable tells Payal she cannot be freed until someone bails her.

Indu and Krish see Indu. Nikku tries to distract Indu and tells her he needs her blessings. Indu asks if he is taking the IAS exam. Nikku asks her to bless him. Indu blesses him and asks where Krish is. Bindiya makes a sound, and Indu sees them. She asks why Krish is holding her. Nikku says Bindiya is holding Krish. Indu says if you think I’m mad. Nikku says they’re holding each other. The wine bottle falls from Bindiya’s saree and falls near Baldev. Everyone gets shocked.

In response to the constable’s request, Payal calls Krish again. The constable says she wants to go after committing a big crime and tells her to call someone else if her husband does not answer. I think I can manipulate Krish, not his family, and if anyone learns about this, my reputation will be ruined. The inspector requests the Constable lock her up. Krish asks Baldev to listen to him. Baldev refuses to listen to Krish.

When Pankaj and Nidhi arrive, Krish asks Indu to listen to her. Indu asks who brought the wine bottle here. Bindiya says, “My bottle, meaning Bindiya.” Everyone is shocked to see her drunk. Krish holds her in his arms as she is about to fall. Bindiya bends down to pick up the bottle. Krish says you will fall. Bindiya claims she won’t fall, but you will handle her if she does. Krish asks her to stand upright.

Bindiya balances on one leg and boasts to Krish that she, too, can balance on one leg. He challenges her to try balancing on both legs instead. Indu, disapprovingly, labels Bindiya as shameless. Despite the criticism, Bindiya picks up a video camera. Indu instructs Sakshi to grab the bottle from Bindiya’s hands and asks whether she wants to capture a video. Sakshi responds eagerly, suggesting that posting the video would garner many likes. However, Indu reprimands her and orders her to take the bottle away from Bindiya. As Sakshi attempts to do so, Bindiya takes off running. She dashes around the dining table while Sakshi and Nidhi attempt to catch her.


Payal comes to the scene and asks Krish what is happening. Krish ties a chain around Bindiya’s hand and asks her to come.

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