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Suhaagan 23rd December 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Indu asking Payal to pack her stuff and go to Nikku’s house. Payal refuses to go and says that it is Bindiya’s conspiracy to call Nikku and Rose here. They are sending her for her safety, Krish says. As Bindiya says, Amma will wake up soon, and Krish asks Payal to leave. Rose tells Payal to hurry up, and Payal taunts Rose. Sakshi watched the video and was shocked. She asks Bindiya if she is on Instagram.

Bindiya asks what it is. Rose says I uploaded my video and showed it to you. Bindiya says no. Indu asks Sakshi what she is doing when they are talking seriously. Sakshi requests Sapna to bring Vikram’s laptop. Payal recalls posting the video on Bindiya’s phone, thus making her ID. Sakshi shows the video on a computer. When Krish sees their kiss video posted by Bindiya, a suhaagan, he is angry and shocked. Bindiya says she didn’t do it and does not know how to use the app.

Payal says you know how to do many conspiracies and fight for your rights but don’t know how to use Instagram. Bindiya says I didn’t do it, and Payal tells Indu she insulted you all. Indu says you cut our nose. Rose says people like their Jodi and give them blessings. Nikku says people say you’re a hero and have achieved several goals. Krish gets furious. Sakshi says so many lives. Vikram says you’ve never gotten so many likes.

Rose tells Sakshi that you are not hit. Indu asks Rose to show the video. She is shocked to see it. Krish says he doesn’t want such popularity. Bindiya is called bahuriya by Amma. Payal is asked to hide by Indu and asks if she will hide if she strangles her. Sakshi and Vikram also hide. Baldev says she is my Amma, so why are you all hiding? Indu says they are like rats.

Amma summons Bindiya, who then beckons her to sit down. She informs Amma that she will transform her into Hema Malini. Amma requests some flowers, to which Bindiya responds by saying she will adorn her head with them. Amma affectionately addresses Krish as her grandson and mentions that he is the husband of their daughter-in-law (bahurani). Bindiya reacts with a smile. Indu urges Sakshi to prevent Payal from peeking outside. To get Payal back inside, Sakshi tries to push her, but Payal refuses to budge. Amma explains how she didn’t have the opportunity to play with Ballu’s son in the past, leading Baldev to suggest they can now play together. Excitedly, Amma suggests playing the game of kawwa udd together, but Krish declines as he is occupied with other tasks.

Baldev and Bindiya invite him to join their game while Rose, Nikku, Sakshi, and Vikram are already playing. However, Baldev soon leaves the game, followed by Sakshi. At this point, Indu attempts to take Payal away with the help of Baldev. However, Amma intervenes and encourages Baldev to continue playing. Bindiya then reminds him that it is their turn since he is out of the game. As Amma joins the game with Bindiya and others, Baldev becomes emotional seeing her happy and excuses himself to go to his room. Indu notices him looking at a photo frame and warns him not to dwell on painful memories from his childhood that could potentially damage Krish’s life. Payal watches as Indu holds an album in her hands.

She is angry at Indu for trying to send her to Nikku’s house and says she is selfish. A photo drops from the album. Payal looks at the picture and thinks this boy is Baldev, and the lady must be an old woman, and this must be his father. She sees Kaveri in the mirror. Payal picks up the album after Indu leaves there, believing it must contain all the Shukla family’s history.

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