Main Hoon Saath Tere 22nd May 2024 Written Episode Update

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 22nd May 2024 Written Episode Update on

After Aryaman drank heavily, he asked Janvi if she had done anything wrong in the hotel and made her swear to Kian. When Aryaman asks if she did anything else, Janvi asks why he is questioning her. When Aryaman asks if she did something else, Janvi asks why he is questioning her. Muralidhar steps in, saying he told Aryaman to ask her and makes up a reason. When Janvi leaves, Muralidhar advises Aryaman not to worry about him and focus on his father instead.

Aryaman becomes nervous as he approaches his house. He calls Kian, telling him he is scared because he made a mistake and now has to face someone he profoundly respects and fears. As they recite the Hanuman Chalisa together, Kian advises Aryaman to place his hand on his chest. Aryaman gains courage by having Kian’s support. Kian ends the call when Aryaman sees Brij Bhushan and remains silent. Brij Bhushan hands Aryaman a cricket bat and asks him to follow.

While intoxicated, Aryaman asks Janvi if she did anything wrong at the hotel and makes her swear to Kian. When Aryaman asks if she did anything else, Janvi questions why he’s asking her. He says he told him to ask and makes up a reason for it. After Janvi leaves, Muralidhar advises Aryaman to stop thinking about him and concentrate on facing his father instead.

The moment Aryaman approaches his house, he becomes nervous. Kian asks Aryaman to recite the Hanuman Chalisa and places his hand on his chest while they recite it together. He admits he is scared because he made a mistake and now must face someone he deeply respects and fears. By relying on Kian’s support, Aryaman gains the courage to enter the house.

Upon entering, Aryaman locks eyes with Brij Bhushan before a tense silence falls over the room, prompting Kian to end the ongoing call. Brij Bhushan then presents Aryaman with a cricket bat and gestures for him to follow along. As they make their way through the space, Brij Bhushan proudly showcases his collection of trophies and implores Aryaman to obliterate them. However, Aryaman firmly declines this request. In response, Dadaji steps in to explain that these trophies serve as symbols of Brij Bhushan’s hard-earned respect and accomplishments. Despite this explanation, Brij Bhushan still reprimands Aryaman for potentially damaging their reputation once again. Fortunately, Dadaji interjects by highlighting how Aryaman is slowly but surely learning the ropes of their business, just as Brij Bhushan once did.

After Raina accuses Aryaman of trying to take their money, Brij Bhushan asks him to write down what he wants. Aryaman writes, and Brij Bhushan falls silent after reading it. Dadaji reads it aloud, revealing that Aryaman wants just 15 minutes from Brij Bhushan. In response to Brij Bhushan’s refusal, Aryaman explains that he had already given him 15 minutes, indicating he entered exactly at 5 p.m. and it’s now 5:15 p.m. Aryaman thanks Brij Bhushan and leaves.

Aryaman says Kian gave him courage by making him recite the Hanuman Chalisa. Muralidhar suggests that Aryaman makes Janvi fall in love with him to gain Brij Bhushan’s respect. He reminds Raina that he made a mistake by being too busy with business to raise Aryaman properly and does not want Prince to make the same mistake. Prince falls behind in his studies and cricket, so he asks Raina to take care of him. Abhay, worried, asks Raina what to do.

Upon arriving at the hotel, Janvi receives a rose from someone. Aryaman surprises her with a bouquet.


Kian prays to God for Janvi’s marriage with Aryaman. As Janvi climbs the shelf to collect documents, she trips. Aryaman saves her from falling. Kian calls her on video and gives her a garland. A worker says it’s time for marriage. Kian is excited and announces that you’re getting married soon.

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