Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Vow and Janvi’s Struggles

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 5th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Once Aryaman touches Brij Bhushan’s hand, Suyesh tells him he’ll wake up. After regaining consciousness, Brij Bhushan calls for Suyesh. He talks with Suyesh but ignores Aryaman. As Aryaman is about to hit the glass angrily, Ujwala stops him. She says Brij Bhushan may not have accepted him, but they know the truth: he woke up when Aryaman touched his hand. Suyesh gets Brij Bhushan’s clothes.

He vows to catch the person responsible for trying to kill Brij Bhushan by making noise. Ujwala hears Aryaman say he will make a place in Brij Bhushan’s heart. Pushkar asks why Janvi makes such a stir at night. Janvi puts sweets in Pushkar’s mouth and tells him Kian was admitted to Bundela International School and Cricket Academy.

Janvi says Kian Joshi will make their name famous. Pushkar spits out the sweets and asks everyone to leave. He informs Kian that Janvi is not a Joshi, so if she wants to add a name, she can use Kian’s father’s name. Pushkar gets angry with Janvi and calls her words inauspicious. He tells Janvi that his mother died because of her and Kian and then leaves.

Upon returning home, Janvi notices water on the floor. She puts Kian to bed and stops the water. Dadi comforts Janvi, telling her mother that Kian is not her son but the son of her sister Anushka. Janvi’s sister, Anushka, becomes pregnant and comes to Janvi without getting married. Janvi takes care of Anushka throughout her pregnancy. She claims Kian is her son.

Janvi says no man is trustworthy and comments on Pushkar when Dadi asks her why she didn’t tell Pushkar the whole truth. Dadi says that if Janvi had married someone else, she would have a companion.


Aryaman saves Janvi from hurting herself by praying to God while doing Janvi’s aarti. Rose petals fall on them as Kian prays to God to remove all the problems in her life. Janvi loses her balance on the bus because of breaks.

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