Jhanak 3rd January 2024 Written Episode Update: Shocking Revelations and Tensions Rise

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As the episode begins, Anirudh thinks, “Jhanak, just tell the truth to everyone and free me.” He says, “Jhanak, if you want to tell them, go ahead.” She says, “I got married.” Everyone is shocked. Bipasha asks who you married. Tanuja asks your husband’s name. Anirudh worries. Jhanak cries. Shubh scolds her.

You have hidden this big thing from us. Arshi asks what his name is. Jhanak says you don’t know him. Lal says we want to know his name. Shubh says your husband left you here. Jhanak says I had no choice; no one would accept my marriage. Tanuja asks who you married and when.

Arshi asks who you married. She asks Anirudh to tell her. Tanuja asks why you got after my son; you could have gone with that guy. Arshi asks what his name is. Jhanak cries. Bipasha and Lal ask about Rahul. Is she lying? Jhanak says no, but Shubh asks why he sent you to that place with a stranger. Tanuja thinks she might have trapped him; who is that guy?

Jhanak says the villagers forced us to marry so that Tejas would not marry me. Shubh says that means that the guy was also forced to marry. Arshi asks what that guy’s name is. When Jhanak stumbles and asks what she will do knowing the name, she falls down the stairs. When she gets better, she will return to Srinagar.

It’s Anirudh who runs to her. Appu asks why she isn’t talking. Did she die? Anjana gets water. Anirudh says we should get a doctor. Shubh thinks she will be fine and puts water on her face. Anirudh asks you to forget about your hatred. Anjana says she isn’t opening her eyes so that she might have an internal injury. Tanuja suggests bringing her to her husband, who will file a lawsuit against us if anything happens to her. We should take her to Srinagar.

My life has become hell because of you, Arshi says. Anirudh asks if you want to fight now. Arshi says yes, but why did you not tell us? Do you not trust us? It is a personal matter. How can I say that? She says something is missing. He asks her to leave. Bipasha scolds him. He lifts Jhanak and takes her upstairs. He says she will go when she gets better. He is changed, according to Arshi. Tanuja and every one explain to her.

Arshi says marriage won’t fix this. Shubh says I’ll talk to Shrishti and fix a date. As soon as you get married to Anirudh, things will be fine, and you’ll be at peace, even though he helps people and makes a lot of money for himself. You’ll stop him from doing that. She says I’ll go. Anirudh calls the doctor for Jhanak. He says, “I’ve called the doctor.”.

You always do whatever you want, Shubh says. Arshi says I’m leaving. Lal asks Anirudh to drop Arshi off at the office and take him home. He thinks I’ll go to the doctor. His meeting has been postponed; he says I must be here. Arshi says fine, you stay with Jhanak, I’m going. Everyone gets angry and leaves. Dr. Ghosh arrives. Anirudh discusses Jhanak.

He asks him to see Jhanak. Tanuja says Anirudh got her from the road and made her our maid. Dr. Ghosh says Anirudh said she was a guest. Tanuja says she is a maid. Anirudh asks him to check Jhanak. Dada says she needs to be well first. The doctor checks Jhanak. Anjana calms down Appu. Everyone looks on.

She’s not conscious, we can’t give her medicines, she’s not well, so I’ll give her an injection. He treats Jhanak. He says if she doesn’t wake up in five to ten minutes, then her life is in danger.

Shrishti reprimands Arshi and Vinayak for their actions after learning that Jhanak is married. Curious, she asks who her husband is, to which Arshi responds that Jhanak did not disclose his identity. Shrishti advises Arshi to contemplate her next move, but when asked what she meant, Shrishti reveals that Anirudh was present and aware of the situation. However, he chose not to intervene as he regarded it as personal. This reminds Shrishti of Anirudh’s words on the matter.


In the sindoor ceremony, Dadi asks Jhanak to apply sindoor. Jhanak refuses. Tanuja tells her to keep fast tomorrow. Anirudh and Arshi arrive. Bipasha tells Jhanak that she will call her husband tomorrow via video.

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