Dabangii 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Escape and Family Tensions

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As soon as Arya wakes up, she sees Baba. She hugs him and says her mother is missing. Will you help me find her, please? He cries. She says you help me find my mom, I’ll help you find your mom, come. Ankush arrives. Arya says he is a bad friend of my dad’s, and we should see her. Baba agrees. She tastes the food and coughs. Kasturi taunts her and gives her water. She meets Bela. She wonders why she called Bela here in the first place.

Satya comes and talks about Kasturi and his romantic marriage in jail. Aai says it shouldn’t be called a marriage. Kasturi says we should make the marriage official. I’m Satya’s only wife; let us marry again and contact the registrar. Satya says it doesn’t matter now; everyone knows you’re my wife. She says it’s Bela’s suggestion, Aai will be at peace if we get married, and Aai calls Tanmay an illegitimate. Satya asks Bela to share her thoughts with Baba and Ankush. Baba and Ankush discuss Arya.

Satya can’t do anything because he killed his wife. Bela says marriage is a good thing. Satya says fine, tell me when you want to get married. Satya asks Chandrao for his appointments. Chandrao says there is nothing urgent tomorrow. Kasturi says we’ll have a small function and contact the registrar. Satya says he will get a MLA ticket tomorrow, and we’ll get married. Getting married tomorrow, he kisses Kasturi’s hand. She smiles.

According to Ankush, tonight requires some careful planning. He suggests he will go home to arrange the necessary funds while we stay here. Then, we will take her to the ashram. However, Baba disagrees, pointing out that she is not an orphan and thus should not be sent to an orphanage. Despite this, Ankush insists that we have no other choice. Arya overhears their conversation and grows concerned. Baba invites her for ice cream to lighten the mood, and she happily agrees. As they sit and enjoy their treat, Arya has a coughing fit. Acting quickly, Baba offers to get her some water. While he is gone, Arya rushes off in search of Damini. Meanwhile, Baba searches for her as well. Later, when Ankush returns home, he learns about Satya’s marriage and becomes furious. He sternly tells Bela and Zai not to accept anything from Satya, causing Zai to tear down. Bela comforts her in this challenging situation.

Baba calls Ankush. He leaves his phone at home. He returns the things to Satya. He throws them and burns them. Satya watches. As Satya replied, it’s okay. Shagun items, we’ll repurchase them. You have problems with me, you fight with me, don’t ruin their happiness, I forgive you, you’re my younger brother. He prays that Ankush gets sense. He taunts Aai about Ankush. Aai cries. Maina asks how long they will continue fighting.

Upon spotting Arya, the goons immediately strategize ways to exploit her in the market. One of them proposes kidnapping her, not fearing any consequences as they are Satya’s men. Meanwhile, Ankush attempts to comfort Zai and retreats to his room. Bela confronts him about their ongoing fights in front of the children, expressing concern over their impact on Zai, who considers him a hero. She urges him to open up about what’s happened since Satya’s release from jail. Ankush is hesitant, recalling Damini’s advice and feeling torn about what to do regarding Arya. He confides in himself that he cannot disclose anything to Bela until he decides and admits his confusion about the situation.


Baba says Arya has run away. The goons catch her. She runs. Ankush gets her hair ribbon. She hides in some godown. The goons lock her up. She shouts for help.

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