Udne Ki Aasha 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Paresh’s Decision Sparks Family Drama

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Udne Ki Aasha 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Sachin argues with Tejas in the first episode. Paresh says I won’t listen to anyone in this matter. Sachin argues with Renu. Paresh says Tejas, stay in the house you built yourself. He stops Sachin from taunting Renu. He says Tejas is dear to me; he is my dad so I won’t feel bad for him. Sayali is a poor girl, but I have never seen such a sensible girl; she will become our wife and care for the family.

She says she has trapped you so you can marry Tejas. He says no, I have not spoken to her yet. I respect my wife. Renu says you want Tejas to marry a flower seller, but I won’t allow him. Look at Tejas’ standards. Paresh says she has passed 12th with distinction, she had family issues, and she is handling her entire family at a young age. You are doing Tejas a favour by giving her that girl the responsibility to handle Tejas’ expenses, but she will suffer as a result.

Renu says thanks for saying this. Sayali will not get married to Tejas. Paresh says I don’t feel sorry for that girl, I am doing Tejas a favor, this is my last decision. He leaves. He meets Kishor. Kishor says he knows you’re worried about that family; don’t rush with such choices. It would be wrong to marry their children against their wishes. Paresh says I know, but you’ve seen what happened. I want to be there as their support.

Kishor says Sayali’s family will not agree if you convince them. If they don’t, then it will be wrong. Paresh says he has a solution. I want to try it. Sayali is a nice girl. She greets them and asks what happened. He tells her about his family and background.

Shubha asks if you want a maid. He says no, he has come here for another job. Tejas is educated and starting a business. Sayali asks if you want a worker. I am a 12th grader, and my siblings are also studying. Paresh says no, I want to ask Sayali’s hand for my eldest son, Tejas. They are shocked.

Leaving the decision to you, Paresh says. Shubha asks what should I say, Alok just passed away, we can’t think about it now. I know it’s hard to move on after an incident like this, but one has to. Think well and tell me your decision. Paresh asks Sayali, I can’t do this marriage. We aren’t in that situation.

Sayali explains that perhaps you are not acquainted with our family and may think of doing me a favour out of pity. However, I have my duties to fulfil, as assigned by my father. Please do not take away my hope and determination. All I ask for is your blessings. Kishor clarifies that Paresh did not come here to do any favours or out of pity but solely for your benefit. Paresh adds that he was impressed by Sayali’s virtues and hopes to have a daughter-in-law with similar values. Juhi kindly serves them tea. Paresh then asks them to decide and notices Alok’s picture before bidding farewell to everyone.

Paresh returns home. Renu breaks things and says I challenge you and won’t let a flower seller become my bahu. Tejas thinks I can’t marry a flower seller and my business isn’t ready. Paresh says I’m doing it for Tejas. Sachin sings and jokes. Renu says Paresh has become hysterical since Alok’s death. She asks Tejas to rent a house before Paresh ruins his life.

Sachin asks Tejas to go away. Tejas says don’t ruin my life. Paresh says it’s for your betterment. Renu asks what’s his betterment. Sachin enjoys the arguments. He taunts Tejas. Paresh asks him to sit quietly. He says Tejas, go and get ready, and I’ll give you my entire retirement. Tejas asks. Paresh says, but you have to marry Sayali.

It’s true, he’s bribing you, that girl won’t be my bahu, I won’t accept her. Paresh says fine, I’ll fulfill my promise, I’ll donate my retirement money to Sayali’s family. Paresh smiles. Renu and Tejas are worried. Sachin claps for Paresh. He says I’m proud of you, I’m fine with your decision, Akash will also be fine, it is important to understand conscience.


Sayali and Sachin meet again. She argues with him. Goons kidnap her. Sachin rescues her.

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