Jhanak 4th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Jhanak’s Marriage Secret Unfolds

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In the episode, Anirudh discusses Jhanak with a doctor. Dadi asks Anirudh what he will do for her. Dada says, “Send her back to Kashmir.”. Anirudh says, “I’m also saying the same thing.” Appu says Jhanak, get up, play with me; I’ll give you my favourite doll; I love you very much.” Jhanak regains consciousness. The doctor advises her to eat fruits, paneer, curd, and eggs and ensure her body is healthy.

Appu gives Jhanak a doll. Vinayak asks if Jhanak said she was married. Arshi replies yes. He says she is like our daughter, Shrishti. She says I am not related to her, and she is doing wrong with Arshi. Don’t you understand Anirudh’s change? He says Arshi will decide it. Marriage is of no use without trust. Anirudh and I have been in a relationship for many years, and I’m emotionally attached, so I can’t break up the marriage for the sake of that maid. I will get the medicine, Anirudh says. Tanuja says Shyam will get it, and you go to work. Dada says to go to your office; work is worship. After three days, the doctor says I will come for a checkup. Tanuja scolds Jhanak.

Shrishti says I think I must solve all this. I will not leave her if there is any problem because of Jhanak. Vinayak says Arshi is also my daughter, and I worry about her. She asks you if you wouldn’t have supported Jhanak then when she got drunk and misbehaved with Anirudh. She asks what. Arshi nods. Shrishti claims she has insulted you also. He says I support her when necessary. She says let it go, Arshi lets me know the date to tell everyone.

I need to speak to Anirudh first; Arshi says the engagement will occur on a fixed date. Shrishti says fine, I don’t want any more drama. I would suggest you step back from this relationship. Despite that maid, I won’t be stepping back from this marriage, says Arshi. Shrishti says I will send her back. I will call Tejas and tell him everything, but I am afraid Anirudh will get caught. She asks Arshi to tell Anirudh to return to Jhanak. Arshi agrees.

Dadi says Jhanak is married, and we have traditions that cannot be broken, so her presence here is not a good sign. Tanuja says I told you this before, but she didn’t mention her husband’s name. Dadi says if she is married, she should have sindoor in her maang. Dada asks her if she follows this tradition. Dadi says I decided to hold a Sindoor ceremony for her tomorrow; I will call Pandit; we must do this until she leaves. Talk to Shrishti and call her.

Dadi says she cannot do what she wants, so there shouldn’t be a problem. Dada says fine. Tanuja jokes. She asks Dadi not to give Jhanak any jewellery. Dadi says no, why would I give it to her? Tanuja says you pity her, so I thought you would do this. Appu is playing when Anirudh gets home.

I’m not disturbing Jhanak, she’s sick, she’s sleeping, is this for me? Anirudh replies yes, it’s for you. She thanks him and says you are the best. He asks if you want to eat the fruits by yourself. She replies yes, I won’t give it to Rumi, Mimi, or Bipasha. He says the doctor recommended Jhanak eat a lot of fruits, so Appu says yes, I’ll give it to her. He says good. Dadi asks Anjana to make arrangements. Bipasha asks what. Tanuja tells her everything.

Dadi says she must fill out Sindoor in her maang to stay here. If anyone asks you why I gave you the fruits, tell them that I gave them to you, not to Jhanak. Appu says don’t confuse me. He says we will get scolded if you take fruits in front of everyone. Take them secretly instead.

Appu says don’t worry. He teaches her not to take Jhanak and his name together. She says I understand, and I asked you to get chocolate. He says I forgot, I will get it in the evening, but don’t tell anyone, I will get lots of chocolates.

Dada says if anything happens to Jhanak, her husband will blame Anirudh. Anjana says we’ll talk to her once. Tanuja says she’ll get Vinayak and Shrishti from Arshi. Appu appears. Bipasha asks what you are hiding. Appu argues. Tanuja asks her to show what she is hiding. Appu says Anirudh gave me these fruits. In response to Bipasha’s question, Appy says Anirudh said I could share the fruits with everyone and Jhanak. He said I could share the fruits with everyone, including Jhanak.

It’s for Jhanak, Bipasha asks. Jhanak says she doesn’t like fruits and doesn’t want to eat them. Tanuja shouts at Appu. Appu says he said Jhanak needs to eat fruits, but you scold everyone for it. She asks Anjana to cut the fruits. Tanuja becomes angry. Chhotan says the doctor told Jhanak to eat fruits so she would get well and go. Dadi asks Jhanak how you’re doing. Jhanak is shocked. Dadi says you got married, right? Panda Ji is coming tomorrow, so fill Sindoor into your maang. Jhanak is stunned.


Anirudh says fine. Jhanak writes a letter to Anirudh and leaves the house. Dadi says Jhanak’s husband will read the mantras.

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