Jhanak 6th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Jhanak’s Dilemma and Anirudh’s Plan

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The Episode starts with Jhanak making excuses and saying I will go to Srinagar. Dadi says something is wrong, did you lie to us. Jhanak says no, I got married. Anjana says no, she isn’t lying. Why didn’t she apply for the Sindoor? Anirudh and Arshi return home. He asks why you were so eager to come home. She said Bipasha had called me home, so I had to attend the workshop. She says she will check the schedule and see what happens next.

Dadi asks Jhanak to tell the reason. Anirudh asks what happened. Arshi asks Bipasha if everything is okay. Bipasha says yes, good news: Jhanak’s sindoor ceremony is tomorrow, and she is married. Anirudh also knows that. He said yes, but he didn’t tell me. During the ceremony, there will be a video call with Jhanak’s husband. Bipasha says there are no more secrets. Jhanak signs Anirudh.

Tanuja asks why you think her husband will come on a video call. He asks why we are interfering in her matter. Appu says if your husband doesn’t come, I will get you married to Anirudh. Everyone is shocked. He asks why he doesn’t worry about Jhanak; doesn’t he have 5 minutes for her?

Appu commented on how well Arshi and her partner looked together, causing Arshi to become upset. Tanuja then scolded Appu, leading Arshi to declare that she was leaving for the day. Bipasha suggested that Appu accompany her, but Tanuja expressed her desire for Appu to leave the house permanently. Anjana urged Appu to go with her, but Appu refused. As Arshi requested Jhanak video call her husband so they could all meet him, Jhanak hesitated and mentioned not wanting to partake in this tradition. Arshi asked for a reason, and Tanuja supported it by asking what issue Jhanak had with it.

His words are okay, I will talk, it’s hard, he helped Jhanak escape, Tejas filed an FIR against him, he may be hidden, it’s a long story, but I’ll try. Dadi says try your best, rasam will be complete when mantras are read, Jhanak’s husband will read the mantras. When Bipasha says that Jhanak is his wife, yet he listens to you, what’s the matter? He says he is unsure whether or not he listens, but I will do my best.

She asks about the red saree. She says you should wear it in the rasam if you have it. Jhanak worries. Anirudh says you can get relieved tomorrow if you see Jhanak’s husband. Kaka comes to the lane asking about Anirudh’s address. Kaka says I want to sell the shawls. Shyam says we don’t want to buy anything, and there’s a Kashmiri girl who is ill. She tears and packs her bag, and Yeh Naina plays…

As she turns to leave, the showpiece falls and breaks. As she turns to leave, Anirudh wakes up and asks who is there. He turns off the lights. Jhanak asks, “What are you doing here? Are you okay?”. She says no, I came to keep this, but the dupatta got stuck, your vase broke, and I had to leave. He says wait, what do you want to say? He stops her. He reads the letter.

Then he says, I told you, you won’t go without my wish. She replies, how do you have rights over me? He says I’m saving your life; I’ve risked a lot to get you here. You can’t ruin it. She thinks I’ll handle it; you handle your life; I’ll surrender to Tejas.

He questions why he won’t treat you with love and respect while you have your aspirations. Instead, he will confine you. Is that the life you desire? She admits that even her current life lacks love and respect. He assures her there is still hope, as he has a grand plan for her. She denies his plan, stating that everyone expects to meet her husband. How can I find a husband in just one day? He confidently responds, “Leave it to me; you focus on your ceremony.” She refuses to live such a life, and lies are not part of her nature. She pleads to be allowed to leave.

He tells her not to speak rashly and assures her that he will leave her when the opportune moment arrives. He asks for her trust and requests her to stay for a few more days. Jhanak inquires about when this “right time” will come, to which he responds that it will be when she becomes independent, confident, and strong; then the danger will pass, and he will be proud of her. She questions if he truly believes this storyline, but he reassures her that he has faith in her and that she has the power to shape her fate. Jhanak expresses concern over his impending marriage, but he reminds her that his life is already fulfilling, and they both have the potential to win and live happily.

I knew it; you would stop me. He says it’s good, stay strong, I’ll do something great for you. She asks what to do about the video call. He says I will handle it; you worry a lot. She asks if Rahul will be on video call. He says he knows he’s your future husband; he can’t read mantras. She asks why, I don’t mind. He says I know you want to marry him.


A call is received from Jhanak’s husband. He refuses to show his face and asks them to begin the rasam. Arshi says Jhanak’s husband is not showing his face. Shrishti says Anirudh’s hand also has a similar band.

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