Kavya 16th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya Exposes Bunty’s Betrayal


Kavya 16th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Anurag catches Kavya and faints her. Sanjeev hits him on the head. They take Billu. She ties a rope to their feet, and they walk. When she sees a cart, she opens the ropes. Badi Amma asks where Kavya is. Anurag says Sanjeev hit his head. She says Billu fainted. Kavya and Sanjeev put Billu on the cart. She said I couldn’t pull it. Sanjeev says I will.

Anurag says I see everything blur. Badi Amma says find them, come fast. Anurag says Billu and catches someone. Badi Amma says he’s not Billu. Badi Amma and Anurag see Kavya. Kavya says Badi Amma is here. Think of something. She comes up with an idea. Anurag and Badi Amma need to put in much effort to take Billu.

Anurag sits tired as Badi Amma says they have taken Billu. Kavya and Sanjeev bring Billu home. She says we must take him first to Adi. Sanjeev hides Billu from Giriraj and Alka. Giriraj asks him to stay with them. He asks Alka to go and see Omi. Kavya collides with Adi. They fall. He asks where Santu is. She says come fast, I don’t have time. Adi splashes water at her. They play with water and laugh. She laughs at him.

Sanjeev asks Billu to be quiet. He stops Alka and holds her. He apologizes. He sends her. He sees Billu gone. Kavya and Adi come. He says he has disappeared. She asks what. Badi Amma takes Billu. Badi Amma pushes Billu over Bunty. Adi asks who this man is. Kavya says he is there. Bunty says you caught him.

Bunty says he’s my best friend. I’ll handle him, and you all go. Kavya says he’s Billu Singh, and you read his statement. Sanjeev sprinkles water and wakes Billu up. Adi and she are with him. Billu tells them Bunty’s truth. Everyone is shocked. Bunty scolds Adi for cheating him. Bunty is instructed not to lie to his family. He leaves.

Giriraj scolds Bunty. He chokes him in anger. Adi says, leave him, please. Badi Amma worries. Giriraj asks Bunty to leave. Bunty says you’re scolding me, your politics aren’t clean, yes, I did this scam, but I didn’t kill anyone intentionally, Adi, talk to your dad first. Kavya scolds Bunty and defends Adi.

Bunty laughs and says the cheque is deposited in the bank, your account has the money, when people ask you about it, what will you say? Badi Amma and Anurag smile. Adi sees Kavya.


A reporter asks Kavya who she will support, Adi or that woman. Kavya responds that she will support the truth.

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