Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th January 2024 Written Episode: Abhira’s Choices and Ruhi’s Concerns

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During the episode, Suwarna asks what you are thinking. Manish replies, “I think of Ruhi. Why is she staying there? Why can’t she return?” Suwarna assures us that she will return home. According to the manager, Abhir didn’t come. Manish turns and recalls Abhir. He asks what name you took. The manager says Abhir. When Abhir arrives, he falls. Manish worries. Suwarna stumbles. He holds her.

It is not acceptable that you came drunk again. The manager scolds Abhir and sends him out. He apologizes for misbehaving with you, but we have a backup singer. Manish scolds the hotel staff. Suwarna says he isn’t your grandson, and he can’t have Abhir’s name, and we miss family on holidays. He says I took his name during an interview. She says no, he was a drunkard, would Abhir’s parents allow him to develop such bad habits, let’s have lunch together.

Manish thinks my children are away, so why do I feel close to them? Everyone surprises Abhira. Abhira thanked them. Aryan says Ruhi did this preparation. Abhira hugs Ruhi. Armaan, thanks, Ruhi. Dadi says no one will dare cut my kite; I will cut it. Sanjay says, Maasa, you lost control of the family. Abhira cuts and slices the cake, and she serves it to everyone. Kiara asks what your plans are. Aryan jokes. Abhira talks to them.

He coughs. She gives him water. He praises Abhira. Ruhi and Armaan see Abhira. She gets a rose and plucks its petals. She says Abhira is so strong, stays happy, and is intelligent, intellectual, and career-oriented like you so that this marriage will last for many years. He praises Abhira. Although she has all the qualities a person looks for in a life partner, we are different, and family is important to me, her mother’s dream is important to her,

There is always a fight, we have to explain each other, one does not have to explain in a perfect relationship, there is no understanding and respect is lacking, I was noticed at her college, and she barred me, she is my present, but not my future. Seeing her batchmate, Abhira says, “I wish I could get an internship call.” She receives a call from her batchmate. The girl asks for Armaan’s number. Abhira refuses and scolds her. More calls follow.

Abhira tells me that the girls are asking me for Armaan’s number. Ruhi says you shouldn’t get too angry. He’s popular, and law students are going to want to talk to him. Don’t insult him; you stopped him from coming to college. She says don’t fight him all the time; show some maturity. Abhira goes. Armaan says I’ll make her favourite noodles, so maybe she won’t fight today.

Ruhi confidently offers to cook noodles, claiming to be a better cook. She assures Armaan that she has already organized his medication so he won’t get confused. Grateful, Armaan encourages her to cook quickly as Abhira may be hungry. However, when Abhira comes in and sees them, she leaves without saying anything. Later, Armaan brings the noodles bowl, but Abhira isn’t impressed with it and questions who Ruhi is so he can joke around with him. This leads to an argument between them about Ruhi’s involvement in their fights.

I feel like a villain now, she says. In his opinion, I just joked. She says everyone tells me I’m wrong. I’ve been here for a few months, so don’t tell anyone anything about me. We won’t be together forever, and I’ll leave eventually. Armaan is right, and they don’t understand, Ruhi thinks.

During the morning, Abhira says she got late. She sees Armaan ironing her dress. She takes the iron. The button breaks. She gets a stapler. He gets a needle and stitches the button. She polishes the shoe. The shoe polish gets on her face. Armaan cleans her face.


She drives the auto rickshaw to the office. She gives Armaan the tiffin. She leaves. Ruhi comes and says she came second.

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