Dabangii 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Struggles and Satya’s Shocking Discovery

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The episode begins with Ankush presenting the picture to the minister. Patil responds by stating that he will end the meeting at this point and take some time to consider it. Satya warns not to trust him as it could be part of his plan. Patil exits the room, followed by Ankush, who expresses his belief in the power of politics but recognizes that the law is supreme. He then instructs his goons to follow him. Meanwhile, Satya vows not to let Patil get away with his actions. In another scene, Arya discusses her situation with Baba, referring to her father as a hero and hoping both her parents will find her soon. As she spots Ankush approaching them, she declares she is not an orphan and will not return to the orphanage. However, he pleads with her to stay and eventually reveals that her mother has passed away, causing Arya to break down in tears while he comforts her.

Then she leaves. Ankush cries and blames himself. Baba tells him to calm down, we can’t get Damini back now, we have to protect Arya from Satya, and our house is the safest place. Ankush tells Arya to open the door for her. She sleeps and dreams of Damini. Damini promises to come whenever you miss me. She hugs Arya and sings a lullaby. Teri hasi…plays…

Arya sings and cries. Ankush lifts her and makes her sleep. He thinks he will always keep his promise. Baba asks where Ankush took her. Ankush admits Arya to the orphanage. She runs. Staff chases her. Arya throws things. She scolds them.

Ankush urges her not to continue with that behaviour. She insists on finding her father. The woman assures them they know how to handle unruly children like Arya. Ankush defends Arya, stating she has gone through a lot recently. The woman reassures him they will take good care of her and he can leave without worrying. Reluctantly, Ankush bids farewell to Arya, asking her to take care of her. In a desperate plea, she begs him not to leave her alone in this place with no one around. Eventually, he departs while she scolds and yells at him. Kasturi intervenes in Tanmay’s actions while Aai observes the scene, thinking about Arya becoming her daughter-in-law, which she immediately dismisses. In the meantime, Satya returns home, and Aai asks about his whereabouts the previous night as he recalls Ankush’s words.

He suggests consulting your son. She inquires about his actions. He reveals that he put in a lot of effort to secure the party ticket, but his son came and disrupted the meeting. As a result, a false case was made against him, and he lost the ticket. She assures him that she knows he will resolve the matter within two days, but she needs to discuss something important. She pulls him aside and suspects that Damini may have deceived them. He asks who Damini is and why she would lie. She explains that perhaps she lied about his child being alive to protect him from you or seek revenge on you. After all, there is no guarantee that she will tell the truth.

Aai asks Kasturi what happened. I called you many times, get ready for marriage. Satya says, “Wait, an imp matter is happening.” Aai says, “Satya, your child might still be alive, so he shouldn’t suffer on the roads. You found Damini in Sholapur. Go there and look for him.” Satya recalls Damini and wonders if she lied to me. If my child is alive, I will find him.


Satya cancels the marriage. Bela says Satya and Kasturi’s marriage was annulled, and he went to Sholapur. Ankush worries. Satya asks Sonu about Damini’s son.

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