Teri Meri Doriyaan 6th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Garry’s Farewell & Veer’s Bachelor Party


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While watching Keerat from a distance, Garry thinks he is watching her for the last time and that if he approaches her, she may not let him go. Jasleen notices him and wonders why he is in pain as if he is leaving someone. Garry says he will leave her and says, ” I love you, Mom. Jasleen hugs him and says I love you too. He leaves, asking her to take care of herself. She says even he should take care of himself.

Santosh asks Sahiba and Keerat not to look at the chuda and covers the thalis with a cloth for the ritual. Prabjoth tells Sahiba that she cannot sleep in Angad’s room today. Prabjoth sends Angad and Veer from there. Sahiba thinks he must be happy since he doesn’t have to see her face today. Inder performs the chuda ritual for Sahiba and Keerat.

Watching that, Seerat imagines she will soon receive the divorce papers from Angad and Sahiba, show them to the entire family and ruin their wedding. Sahiba rushes to Bebe and asks what happened when a maid drops shagun items. Bebe expresses her concern and hopes nothing goes wrong during the wedding. While Veer and Keerat unite tomorrow, she and Angad will celebrate. Sahiba hopes she can say everything will be fine, as nothing will be fine.

With his friends at a bachelor party, Veer suggests calling Keerat. Veer asks what she will do at the party. They said this is the last night he can enjoy with Seerat as boyfriend and girlfriend, and then he won’t be able to enjoy that moment again, so he should call Keerat here and enjoy. Garry told Keerat that he had met her for the last time.

After Veer calls Keerat and asks her to meet him at his bachelor party, Keerat reminds him of Prabjot’s warnings not to meet until the wedding. Veer insists that Keerat meet him immediately and promises that only they will be able to spend quality time together. Keerat agrees. According to Veer’s friends, he should not leave Keerat quickly once she arrives.

The peon assists Seerat in getting to the court record room. He asks her to look for the document soon before someone arrives. Keerat reaches the hotel. Veer’s assistant tells her to wait in a room since Veer will meet her directly there. Sahiba calls Keerat and finds her not picking up her call. Keerat wonders where she will see Angad and Sahiba’s divorce file in so many files. Veer’s friends encourage him to perform and send him towards the room.

Keerat reaches the room and picks up Sahiba’s call. Sahiba asks why Keerat didn’t pick up her call. Keerat says she feels odd. Sahiba asks her to share her thoughts with her. Sahiba asks Keerat to lie to her. Sahiba says she must be anxious about the wedding proceedings but that she shouldn’t worry since Brars are so good and have already accepted her. She suggests that she spend time with her parents tonight and talk to them.

According to Keerat, Veer invited her to his bachelor’s party, and now she’s waiting for him in a room. Sahiba disagrees with Veer’s decision and tells Keerat to wait for her instead. However, Sahiba accidentally leaves her phone on the bed as she rushes out. Just as Keerat is about to leave the room, an intoxicated Veer stumbles in and affectionately calls her his wife. Keerat observes that he has been drinking heavily lately. Veer explains that he intentionally got drunk tonight so they could spend some quality time together. He closes the door behind them and declares that they will not have any romantic conversations but only engage in romance.

Considering it is their wedding tomorrow, Keerat thinks she should go home since they shouldn’t meet before the ceremony. Veer suggests she have some alcohol and let go of her inhibitions to celebrate with him. Keerat tells him he knows she doesn’t like alcohol. He puts the alcohol aside and tries to kiss her. She pushes him away and asks if he is okay. She pulls him towards him and says tomorrow is their wedding and why don’t they finish a task which they will do tomorrow.

Having forgotten her mobile at home, Sahiba heads towards the hotel in an auto, thinking that Veer and Keerat shouldn’t meet like this. Keerat pleads with Veer not to misbehave with her. Veer asks if he shouldn’t love Keerat.


Sahiba walks in injured and says he is late. Angad asks what happened to her. Sahiba tears divorce papers and thinks he has made a huge mistake.

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