Pandya Store 16th April 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store

Pandya Store 16th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi asking Rishita to dance, but Rishita refuses. Shiva scolds Raavi for her suggestion and sends her to dance with Dev. They dance to the song “Ladki Beautiful…”. Meanwhile, Shweta thinks it’s the perfect time, but wonders why Ganpath hasn’t come yet. Prerna intervenes and pushes Shweta, accidentally spilling something on her clothes. She apologizes and advises Shweta to go and change. Shweta thanks her and remarks that she wants to learn from Prerna, as kids love her, but Krish hates her. Prerna retorts, saying Shweta can be the Choti bahu of the house. Shweta spots Ganpath’s arrival and wonders why he came inside. They argue, and Shweta leaves.

Ganpath gives the powder to Shweta and says it will have the desired effect. Shweta hands him the money for his service. She then proceeds to add the powder to the drinks at the party. Krish comes to take a glass and drink. Shweta tries to engage him in dancing, but he refuses. Shweta boasts that she will control everyone and make them dance to her tunes. Meanwhile, Rishita apologizes to Raavi for not letting her share the bed with Dev because of Shiva’s presence. Raavi says it’s fine and that she doesn’t have to share. Prerna supports Raavi and suggests that she and Dev should dance together. Rishita doesn’t mind and leaves to attend to another matter.

Shiva confronts Dhara, questioning why Krish and Dev are dancing with two girls. He feels cheated, as nobody asked him about his marriage. Dhara tells him to leave, and Gautam arrives, holding Dhara’s hand. She asks him to let go, and Gautam apologizes, saying he will convince her.

Suman advises Shivank not to go anywhere without having food, and he agrees to it. Meanwhile, Ganpath gets shocked to see Shivank at the party and demands his money. Shivank panics and starts running, with Ganpath chasing after him.

Dev praises Dhara for giving Natasha a new life and believes they have the right to convince Shivank to dance for Natasha’s sake. They all dance together to the song “Dhiktana…”. Dhara excuses herself and leaves. Gautam tries to talk to Dhara, but she scolds him for lying to her.

Shesh spots Shivank hiding under the table and shares the discovery with Chiku. Chiku suggests approaching Shivank, and when they do, Shivank reveals that he’s hiding from a powerful monster who wants to harm him. He asks Chiku to give the monster a drink, which will be their secret mission. Shesh joins in and starts distributing the drinks to everyone.

Meanwhile, Prerna confronts Shweta and offers her money in exchange for handing over Natasha to Rishita. Shweta questions Prerna’s motive, but Prerna points out that Shweta had given away Chiku to Dhara for money and then ran away with Natasha. Chiku and Natasha witness the conversation.


Shweta confesses that she didn’t love Chiku and took Natasha to seek revenge on Dhara. Chiku, feeling hurt, states that he doesn’t have a mother. Shweta takes a drunk Krish to her room and declares it to be her final move.

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