Kavya 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Clever Move to Uncover Evidence


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The episode starts with Giriraj and Adi having a heated debate concerning Kavya. Adi is determined to expose Bunty’s deception to Kavya, and he storms off. Meanwhile, Giriraj expresses his wish for Kavya to leave the house and Adi’s heart. Sanjeev hands some clothes to Kavya, but he doesn’t feel it’s appropriate. Kavya warns him to speak carefully, as Adi’s reputation could be at stake if he accepts Bunty’s money. On her mission to retrieve the witness’ statement papers, she mustn’t get caught or else face the consequences. Badi Amma reveals the papers to Bunty and stresses the need to alter them before Adi arrives at their location.

Bunty claims I am incapable and intimidating; I will practice while on the way. He leaves. Anurag then expresses his inability to do it, leaving us in a difficult situation. We must deal with it now, she says. Sanjeev urges Kavya to get ready quickly as they have to leave soon. She responds by stating that she is doing this for the sake of love. Alka prepares breakfast for her but avoids talking to Sanjeev and walks away. He explains that perhaps she was in a rush, possibly because he confronted her last night. Curious, Kavya asks him about it, and he confesses his feelings for Alka. Shocked, Kavya asks if he wants to marry her, and he awkwardly apologizes for his admission. This triggers memories of Alka’s words in Kavya’s mind.

In response, she says I’m happy, and Omi is also with her. Kavya leaves. Adi calls out Bunty. Bunty drops the file. He lies to him. Adi asks him to come, and he’ll drop him off. Kavya disguises himself as a worker and shows up at the municipal office with Adi and Bunty. He enters the land department and searches for some documents. Dubey’s PA arrives. Kavya lies and says it’s my first day here. He tells him not to touch the files, and he leaves.

Alka says Adi also left without breakfast, and he went to the municipal office. Kavya asks about Dubey’s room. She gets the file and checks. She tells Sanjeev about the witness’ statement. Alka knocks on Alka’s door. Sanjeev and Alka argue. Alka says I don’t like you. He says swear on me and say it. She says yes. She leaves.

Kavya drapes her veil over her face and takes action. Adi suggests waiting for Dubey in this location, to which Bunty proposes going for tea and samosas at the canteen later. However, Kavya intervenes and pleads with Adi to stay. He responds with a sharp retort, causing Kavya to invite him to sit down and engage in conversation. Despite his resistance, she persists and even accidentally spills water on him. Kavya offers to help dry his clothes, but he tells her to leave him alone. She playfully teases him about being either afraid of his wife or deeply in love with her. In response, Adi insists that she spend time with her husband instead.

Adi and Bunty talk to Dubey. Dubey drops the file and asks Kavya to pick it up. He gets busy on the call. Adi tells Kavya to keep the phone on silent for a while. He gets the file. Kavya smiles. Bunty sneezes and drops the file. Kavya tries to take the file. Badi Amma arrives disguised and changes the papers.


Asked about Adi’s charges, Kavya says she will support the truth.

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