Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Sadhu’s Lies Exposed

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 8th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Lawyer Dubey informs Janvi that Sadhu’s divorce papers and marriage certificate are missing from her file. After checking the government website, he finds no records of these documents, so he tells Janvi that Sadhu might have lied to her about marriage and divorce. She leaves the office suspicious.

During this time, Muralidhar and Sadhu both drink alcohol and become intoxicated. Muralidhar suggests they play a game where they share secrets. Sadhu agrees, and Muralidhar reveals that he loves Ritu. Sadhu then admits that although he is married to Janvi, he does not love her. Sadhu says he will get more soda, leaving Muralidhar thinking he’s drunk. Sadhu realizes there is no soda in the house and decides to go out and get some.

Aryaman accidentally runs into Sadhu, and Janvi joins them soon after. She informs him that she consulted with Lawyer Dubey about the adoption papers. Still, they needed help locating his marriage or divorce papers in the file or on the government website. Janvi requests to see the marriage certificate urgently. Although Sadhu agrees to show her tomorrow, she insists on seeing them immediately. Feeling doubtful, Sadhu questions if she trusts him. To avoid further delay in the adoption process, Aryaman intervenes and stresses the importance of these documents, urging Sadhu to present them.

Sadhu is still delaying and says he will provide them tomorrow. Aryaman suggests they search Sadhu’s house for the documents. Raina calls Sadhu as Aryaman and Janvi search for the papers. Sadhu stops Janvi from answering the call when he sees Raina on his digital watch. He tells Janvi that his wife burned all the papers. Sadhu secretly messages Raina, explaining the situation and asking for help.

Anryaman asks Sadhu for a photo of his son. Sadhu shows them a childhood photo, convincing them it is his son’s. Then, Janvi receives a call from Lawyer Dubey, who claims to have found Sadhu’s marriage certificate and divorce papers online and sent them to her. Sadhu smugly asks Janvi if all her doubts have been clarified. Janvi insists on meeting Sadhu’s son before proceeding. Sadhu agrees and sends Janvi and Aryaman away.

Sadhu reflects on how well he pretended to be drunk, revealing he didn’t drink alcohol with Muralidhar. Raina is credited with sending the fake documents to Janvi after she bribed Lawyer Dubey to prepare them. She instructs Sadhu to adopt Kian the following day. Sadhu agrees but wonders how he will find a child since he does not have one.

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