Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update: Dramatic Confrontations and Emotional Revelations

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 1st December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Bhavani says, “You can’t treat my daughter this way.” Babita demands, “Kick these cheap people out.” Dildar intervenes, “Stop it.” Bhavani says, “You took my daughter to the boat. That was kidnapping.” Babita retorts, “What are you saying?” Amrita urges, “Maa, let’s go.” Babita warns, “You will get arrested.” The police arrive. Amrita asks, “You called the police?” Babita replies, “You trespassed on my house. This is our terrace.” Jahan distracts the inspector while Virat instructs Shekhar to take his family downstairs. Amrita and her family leave. Babita requests Ishika, “Please get the house sanitized.” Jayesh departs. Bhavani cries. Amrita reflects, “Jahan Aunty shouldn’t have lied.” She leaves, picking up her parent’s name board. Virat watches her.

Ishika turns to Jayesh and comments on his appearance in front of the people we are staying with. She mentions that he was with a woman who appeared to be a maid. She reveals her desire to introduce him as her partner but feels hindered by the situation. Jayesh explained that they were not aware it was a private terrace. Ishika then confronts him about wanting to divorce the woman he was celebrating an anniversary with and using the excuse of needing ammo for it. She reminds him that she is not naive and demands he tell the truth. Ishika puts forth a request, asking Jayesh to choose between Bhavani or herself. Just then, Bhavani enters and questions their behavior at the party. She expresses her disappointment in how they were treated and how the hosts even called the police. Jayesh defends their actions, saying it’s not a big deal to have a party on someone else’s terrace, and shifts the blame onto Jahan. Bhavani disagrees, suggesting they should apologize instead of causing more trouble. She also mentions that she found Jahan’s behavior rude and recalls how they were taken away on a boat while Jayesh remained quiet.

There’s nothing more illiterate than you, Jayesh says. You only know how to fight. You are a chawl woman who only knows how to wait in line for water and groceries. You are a chawl woman. You lack class, Amrita says. It’s their mistake, so why are we fighting? Aai doesn’t make this mistake. Amrita says let’s cut the cake. Jayesh says I don’t want to do all that. Bhavani cries. Amrita says let’s do it.

As Amrita brings the cake to the table, Bhavani cries. Jayesh says enough. I can’t do this anymore. I’m over it. Amrita says what do you mean? Harsh says let it go. He says I will only let it go. Bhavani says calm down. I am not mad at you. That woman. He says don’t talk in front of me. Don’t talk about that woman. You know very well that I still wanted to do this anniversary drama.

Amrita says, “Baba, what are you saying? Let’s cut the cake. It’s your 30th anniversary.” He responds, “Yes, 30 years of tolerating her. But not anymore. I want to end everything. I want to be free of this marriage. I can’t suffocate anymore. I want a divorce.” Amrita is shocked. Bhavani cries. Harsh interjects, “What are you saying?” Amrita, in shock, places her hand on the knife. Bhavani asks, “Are you okay?” Amrita replies, “I am fine.” She cries, “Baba, it’s not Aai’s fault. It was my mistake. I went on that yacht by mistake. I apologized, but she was still mad.”

Bhavani reminds Jayesh that Amo is not to blame. She has always positively influenced our lives, making sacrifices and working tirelessly for our family. Amrita expresses confusion, but Bhavani reiterates that they know all she has done for them. She also points out that Harsh’s education is due to Amo’s support and how she helped their father overcome a financial setback. Bhavani questions Jayesh’s actions, as he knows the truth, and acknowledges how Amo even rejected a promising proposal to protect their home.

Jayesh says, “Shut up. Another proposal came, right? Her marriage won’t be stopped. Don’t try to blackmail me emotionally. I want a divorce.” Bhavani pleads, “Listen to me.” Jayesh tells Amrita, “You and Harsh aren’t kids anymore. Your Aai and I were never on the same page. We were so different. I tried hard for her to learn and become more civilized, but she didn’t. We were never a match. She wanted to remain like a low-class woman, like a villager. She’s one of those people who die as they’re born—they never improve. Live your life as you want, but not as my wife. I want to be rid of her.”

Bhavani says listen to me, please. Please leave me if you want but after Amrita’s wedding. Please. I won’t stop you. Let Hash graduate. It is just one year. Could you and that woman spare us that woman year? Amrita asks what woman? She’s shocked. Bhavani says that for so many years, I have tolerated this just for our children. Please give us one last year. Harsh asks what years? What’s going on? Baba, you had a girlfriend? What’s going on? Do you have a girlfriend at this age?

Amrita is taken aback when Jayesh confesses that Ishika is his preferred partner. It turns out that she is just like him and possesses similar values. Jayesh believes both of you will be happy with her since she is also a self-sufficient individual who can plan an impeccable wedding and help Harsh secure a job at any hospital through her connections. However, Amrita raises her concern about their mother, and Jayesh assures her that he will provide her monthly financial support. Bhavani sternly interrupts them, stating that she has heard enough of their conversation and demands to be heard now.

Amrita has sacrificed enough for your benefit. People call her the girl who called off her wedding on the wedding day. They taunt her, saying she will never get married. She has given up everything for us, always thinking about us. But no more. My Amrita won’t make any more sacrifices. She won’t take the blame for her parents’ marriage breaking up on her wedding day. Go and tell your Ishika that until Amrita is married, she can’t dream of marrying you. I won’t let that happen until my daughter is married. Stay away from her.” Jahan knocks on the door.

Babita experiences a panic attack and attributes it to Amrita. Ishika, on the other hand, mentions feeling insulted by Bhavani and her children, who were on their terrace. Disturbed by this invasion of privacy, Babita expresses her disgust and asks if they will return to the house. Virat reminds them that the buildings in the area are connected due to their old construction. To prevent any further incidents, Shika plans to close off that pathway. Babita wonders why they are even living in their area, to which Ishika suggests that the builder should tear down their building as it pollutes their air. Dildar tries to brush it off, but Ishika quickly apologizes and emphasizes that Babita is an essential client to her. She then leaves, determined to make Bhavani and her kids pay for their actions.

Amrita opens the door, and Jahan enters. Bhavani remarks that they were laughing so much that their eyes became teary. Amrita adds that they were all set to cut the cake. She suggests, “Let’s cut the cake, and I’ll share some good news with you afterward.” Excitedly, Bhavani urges them to join her in cutting the cake. She specifically invites Harsh, saying that Amo loves him dearly. Embracing Bhavani, Amrita becomes emotional and says, “Come on, let’s cut the cake.” Bhavani proceeds to cut the cake with Jayesh by her side. Meanwhile, Harsh leaves as he is known to be moody. Jahan excitedly reveals that Gautam has agreed to Amrita’s proposal for marriage.

She hugs Amrita. She says I’m so happy. Jahan asks if I should call their family tomorrow. Amrita says yes, and she called them over the weekend. Jahan says you did so much for your daughter’s happiness. She hugs Bhavani. Bhavani says he has done so much for your wedding, Amrita. Make your parents happy. Jahan leaves.

Don’t delay the divorce, Jayesh tells Bhavani. Ishika says the wedding will take place in a month. Jayesh, you’re nothing in comparison to her talent. They’ll want her to do the kanyadaan. When people find out how talented she is, they’ll ask her to do it, not you. Bhavani begs you not to do this. She sits on your feet. Amrita stops her. She cries and says, “Please don’t do this, aai.”. Amrita embraces her tightly.

According to Bebe, the best action would be to have the girl fired. She believes that she will eventually return to you if she has no other options and apologize. However, Dildar disagrees and thinks that this plan is unethical. Virat suggests that they focus on their relationship instead. Jayesh comments on how the girl behaves like a drama queen and manipulates others for her own benefit. They are all mature adults and should not fall for such tactics. Bhavani sarcastically points out how ironic it is for someone who has cheated to advise against drama. While Bhavani has no issue with her children choosing their partners, she warns that if the affair causes her daughter’s potential marriage proposal to fall through, she will never forgive the cheater.

Ishika is very lovely. Amrita says don’t take her name. Ishika comes in, and everyone is shocked. Jayesh says that won’t happen.


Amrita voices her frustration to her father, accusing him of blaming her mother for a mistake she did not make despite his affair. She then turns to her mother and suggests they leave the house. Ishika attempts to intervene, but Amrita shuts her down, reminding her to correctly pronounce her name before storming out with her family. During this chaos, Virat’s uncle hands him a paper and reminds him to deliver it to his daughter per their sister’s request. Before leaving, Virat also requests that Amrita cover the bill for damaging his terrace. The sight of the hefty 40,000/- bill leaves Amrita in disbelief.

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