Kavya 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update | Kavya’s Bold Challenge to Expose Bunty


Kavya 11th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Bunty gives the cheque to Adi in front of all the guests. Kavya asks Bunty how he can give the cheque when she is here. Bunty agrees and hands the cheque to Kavya. Giriraj asks Adi to deposit the money into the party account right away. Badi Amma agrees as well.

The Pradhan family arrives home, where Kavya congratulates Adi. Giriraj then instructs Adi to deposit the money into their bank account. Kavya reminds him of the challenge she proposed, and Giriraj asks for clarification on the details. Adi clarifies that Kavya is accusing Bunty of corruption, so Giriraj angrily questions how she could do such a thing. Adi then gives Kavya 24 hours to prove her accusations, or else he will deposit the money in their party’s bank account. Kavya accepts the challenge and places the check in a photo frame to symbolise victory. She announces that whoever wins will receive the check and promptly leaves.

Anurag says he will go and do something when Badi Amma complains about Kavya constantly interfering with their plans. Badi Amma agrees. After seeing the pillow and blanket, Badi Amma believes Kavya is sleeping in her room. However, he sees that it is just a pillow under the blanket. Kavya asks Badi Amma about her next plan. Kavya misleads Badi Amma and claims she hid a microphone in her room. Badi Amma searches the room for the microphone.

Kavya comes to Alka and tells her that Badi Amma shouldn’t have spoken to her like that. Adi says the same thing to Alka. Alka tells Kavya and Adi how lonely she is in this house since everyone tells her what to do, and no one listens. Alka says Kavya is in a similar position to her. Adi reminds Alka that Kavya murdered Omi. Alka says she cannot believe it and asks Adi to trust Kavya. Alka leaves after that.

It never occurred to him that Alka felt this lonely. Kavya says that Alka does not need to feel lonely in life. When they were together, they used to fight against anyone. Later, Adi tells Kavya he will win the challenge. Badi Amma talks to Bunty about the case. Adi talks to Naina over the phone. Kavya talks to Sanjiv.

There is ongoing legal action against Bunty for the deaths caused by a gas leak in his factory. He has not provided compensation to any of the victims. During a conversation with Badi Amma, Bunty admits that there is testimony against him, but he managed to hide it during the court proceedings. Bunty also mentions that Billu Singh’s testimony is with the Municipal Corporation. Badi Amma proposes eliminating the testimony from the file to avoid further issues. After thanking Badi Amma, Bunty departs from their meeting. Adi and Kavya retrieve the file before anyone else can access it.

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