Kavya 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Badi Amma’s Scheme and Kavya’s Revelation


Kavya 15th April 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

During the episode, Dubey’s PA asks the workers to leave. Badi Amma rushes towards her, and Kavya holds her hand. Badi Amma escapes. She claims she took the file. Badi Amma checks the documents and leaves. Adi says sorry, Mama, the statement was in your favour. He hugs Bunty. Kavya asked who the woman who had changed the statement was. Bunty asks Adi to take a picture; otherwise, Kavya won’t believe him. Everyone congratulates Adi.

Kavya comes home. Adi asks her to see the cheque. He says go. Kavya cries… He says I don’t need you, I don’t love you. She says I need you, and I love you. He says he will deposit the cheque. Giriraj blesses him. Badi Amma praises Bunty and says bless me, and I will be under your guidance now. She laughs and blesses him.

As soon as Kavya sees the bruised nails on Badi Amma’s hand, she goes to Sanjeev for clarification. Badi Amma claims that she has changed the statement. She confronts Badi Amma. They argue. Kavya applies the lep to Badi Amma. Badi Amma asks what you added to it. Kavya laughs and says I have added some chilli; sorry, I had put a mic in your room. Badi Amma says the mic isn’t there. Kavya is asked to leave.

In front of the mic, Kavya smiles. Badi Amma says, “No one can save you from me.” Kavya leaves. Adi says the cheque has been deposited. Giriraj says excellent, we’ll start campaigning soon. Badi Amma calls Anurag and tells him about the plan. They laugh. When Sanjeev hears the audio recording, he says, “So that’s what they’re doing.”

Adi spots Kavya grinning and remarks, “Looks like you’ve bested me. Perhaps I should start practising to be a more submissive wife.” Finding this amusing, Adi directs Kavya to check on some items in the storeroom. As she heads off to comply, he smirks and locks her inside. Kavya pleads for him to let her out, but he brushes off her request and informs her they will reconvene after the press conference. Left alone with no other option, she implores him again to release her. Meanwhile, Anurag informs Badi Amma that Billu Singh is avoiding the press at all costs. Determined to get what she wants, Badi Amma instructs Anurag to hurry up and intimidate Billu into submission. Sanjeev comes across Kavya’s predicament and offers assistance, but she requests that he call Santu instead. With Santu’s help, Kavya manages to escape from the storeroom and confront Billu about giving a statement. However, he refuses stubbornly. Just then, Badi Amma barges in and threatens Billu into compliance.

In response, Anurag asks if she came alone. She says yes, this would be Kavya. They try to hide. Anurag catches Billu by mistake and faints him. Kavya is shocked. She thinks Anurag is also involved with Badi Amma.

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