Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Vandana Finds the Missing Trophy

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 7th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hemant asks where are you lost? Anagha smiles. Sonia asks Vandana to keep the trophy safe. Vandana says she will decorate this at a good place. Hemant asks where are you lost? He says our status is low: we took a new car on EMI, we don’t have money for petrol, and we have to pay Shivam’s school fees. She says you ask Kunal for cash. He asks what. As Vandana’s brother, you can ask Kunal for EMI money, or else ask for a job.

As Kunal sees the trophy on the shelf, he refuses her help. She taunts him on his ego. He says fine, I don’t have an ego to take your help. Anagha says our life will change if Kunal helps us; we are his relatives and should benefit from this. Rano tells Pammi about everything. Pammi says Mrunal wants to settle here, so I’ll get both the sisters out of here. Rano is delighted.

Vandana sits to do the aid to Kunal’s hand. Lafzon ki mai to…plays… He thanks her. She says it’s not needed. He says I told it from my heart. Sonia looks on. Kunal says thanks, I didn’t think you would reach the competition, but you came and made her win, so she’s thrilled. Vandana says I accept it, and Tara is not my responsibility, but my heartbeat. He says alright, sorry. I’m sorry. She says no, but you can write it next time.

It would be best if you had said it straight, like you called me a bad mum. He says I wasn’t taunting you but praising you. She says you should have said it straight. He says you want me to call you a good mum. She says no, don’t call me a bad mum. She leaves. Kunal asks what she is saying. She says she came to say sorry. It’s good Vandana arrived on time. She didn’t fight, answered, got claps, and Tara won.

He leaves Tara with Vandana Maa. She gets angry when she sees the trophy. Pammi asks Mrunal where he is going. Mrunal says to meet a friend. Mrunal says there is no need to go anywhere alone. Bobby says mom, I’m going with her, I told her we’d go, there wouldn’t be any problems. He asks Mrunal to join him.

Rano and Pammi become angry. Pammi suggests that Rano do something for Vandana and Mrunal. Rano says he’ll look at them. Tara asks where her trophy is. She cries. Kunal and Vandana say you’ll get it. Sonia remembers throwing it in the garbage can. Kunal asks where the trophy went. Vandana says you’ve seen it, and I kept it here. Kunal asks where it went. Vedika says calm down. Tara says I want my trophy. She cries. Sonia scolds her. Vandana says do not cry, I’ll find it for you. She goes.

The team hugs Tara. Vandana goes to prepare food. She says everyone looked for the trophy, but it is nowhere. She throws something. She finds it in a bin and shows Tara the trophy. The trophy says you’re the best, where did you get it? Vandana says that’s not important. Kunal says why worry about Tara when Vandana Maa is here. Tara says Vandana Maa is an angel. Sonia acts well. Rano says something. Pammi says Vaani’s necklace is missing.

Mrunal says I got chocolates for Tara. Pammi and Rano blame Mrunal and Anagha for the theft, but Vedika says it is wrong to blame something without proof. Pammi claims Mrunal and Anagha are to blame. Mrunal says he swears, I did not do this. Vandana defends Mrunal and Anagha. Kunal asks Pammi to calm down. She says they did this. Even though Rano is an outsider, it does not mean he is a thief. Pammi argues and says I will check Mrunal’s room.


Vandana wonders how Kunal is feeling about the lost necklace. Vedika comforts Kunal. Vandana watches.

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