Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode starts with Manas saying I have prepared your favorite dishes, have food. Mauli thinks we will have dinner with everyone. Rahul runs upstairs. Everyone looks on as Manas asks Mauli to eat with his hands. Rahul stops him, and everyone comes to look. I have prepared the food for Mauli. Rahul says you ordered it. Swara asks Manas if he didn’t cook it or if you ordered it.

Manas said no, I was helpless, and the food I was making got burnt; I am not a chef and have no cooking experience, so I did not want to spoil the surprise. Janki says I told him cooking is women’s work. Ajanta says, so what’s the big deal? Look at his efforts. Rahul brought it all together and created drama for you. Unless I came, we would have taken Mauli to the hospital. Manas knows nothing about her, and she has an allergy to cashew nuts, so he ordered Kaju paneer masala.

She recalls telling Rahul about her allergy while she was in the hospital. She says Manas, I told you about her allergy many times, but you never paid attention. Manas says I remember; I forgot while ordering. He says you know how to cook. You stayed in a hostel and should have ordered something more straightforward than this cashew dish. He argues. The family also gets involved. Mauli goes to cry. Jyoti comes to her.

Jyoti says Rahul met you recently and knows about you, but Manas doesn’t. She asks what’s going on in your heart, and Mauli says no, that’s not happening. You are lucky to be able to talk about your marriage, Jyoti says, many women cannot do this, they get married but long for love all their lives. You may get married, but you won’t get love. She enters the room and says, “I went to explain Mauli.”.

In his scolding, Akshay says Mauli is selfish like Manoj. They aren’t my family. I’ve been managing this house alone for 24 years. Who helped me? He complains about his brothers. You are ten years older than me. I married you against my will. Your parents promised to pay the store loan. I have made a lot of sacrifices for this family. She cries, and Mauli watches. Jyoti hides her tears.

Aashna talks to Manas on the phone. He tells her that the family members support me. She tells him to keep Janki by your side. He says yes, I have to fool her. Mauli asks Jyoti about Akshay. Jyoti says he gets angry a lot. Mauli says you don’t have complaints. Jyoti says no, I understand his pain. Mauli says you love him.

Jyoti reassures Mauli that she is not affected by Akshay’s words and has no expectations. Therefore, there can be no disappointment. Mauli compliments Jyoti, stating that her husband is lucky to have her, even though he may not realize it yet. She suggests they bring out the love in their relationship and end Akshay’s anger towards his brothers. Jyoti wonders what they will do. Mauli suggests finding special moments between the brothers on Holi.

The boys used to wear the same clothes on Holi and compete in laddoo eating competitions. FB shows them looking for Janki to get her blessings. Janki gets the laddoos. They ask for laddoos. She asks them to have the laddoos. Mauli says I have to get this moment back. Akshay’s wound will heal, and he will see your love. Jyoti says you’re amazing, I wish you. Mauli says yes, their bitterness will end in Holika tomorrow. She smiles.


Hari asks Jyoti and Swara to find Janki while they stitch similar kurtas for the men.

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