Barsatein 1st January 2024 Written Episode: Aradhana Faces Tough Choices, Reyansh’s Intriguing Intentions Unfold!


Barsatein 1st January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aradhana asking Reyansh to stay away. Jai tells Bani everything. He says my family suffers because of me. She asks him not to worry. She asks about Aradhana. Aradhana gets ready. Jai compliments her. He says we will cancel the party plan, and you may catch lousy sight. He asks what to do and if we should watch a movie, but Bani feels terrible because she looks forward to the party.

Jai and Aradhana compliment her as she arrives. She laughs, saying there can’t be any comparison, so come, she holds Jai’s hand. Jai asks her to leave his hand. She does. Jai says his bracelet falls and breaks. She leaves it. Bani says, “I’m so sorry.” It’s okay. Jai comes to the reunion party. Aradhana says she’s lucky to have a partner like Jai. Reyansh greets everyone at the party.

He upsets Jai and Aradhana by talking to everyone. Jai asks him how he came here. Bani tells him not to worry. Aradhana avoids Reyansh and says he shouldn’t come here. Jai drinks. Bani stops him. He says go from here. He pushes her. She gets injured. He apologizes. He lifts her and takes her. Aradhana sees them. Reyansh says you can’t deny their and our love. She says I can’t deny my marriage rounds. Jai takes care of Bani.

Jai is sitting at the bar despite her earlier request for him not to drink. Meanwhile, the other men compliment Reyansh’s business skills but tease and mock Jai for being a stay-at-home husband. Reyansh interrupts with news of the opening of a new branch in Mumbai, which Aradhana will be heading. He slyly suggests that Jai tell Aradhana to leave so she can continue earning while he spends money on lawyers. Jai then approaches Aradhana and asks if there’s something she’s hiding about going to Mumbai. She denies it, but he presses her until she creates a scene.

Reyansh’s smile slowly fades as he watches Aradhana’s tears fall. She speaks of Jai, recalling his excellent nature before her husband’s struggles. Pooja tries to reassure her not to worry, while Aradhana expresses her frustration as she works alongside Reyansh. She can’t understand why Jai is reacting the way he is. Bani offers some insight, stating that Jai feels helpless and upset with himself. She explains how he has never experienced poverty and is now suffering because of it. Despite Aradhana’s efforts to help him, his ego has been hurt. However, Bani assures her that once this case is resolved and Jai regains his financial stability, respect, and confidence, he will return to the same old Jai they knew.

Jai thinks, how could I scold Aradhana? She’s just helping me. Vikram talks to him. The guy jokes about Jai. Reyansh says marriage happens and then divorce. Aradhana says fights happen where there is love. Reyansh is asked to get married; she will find a partner. Jai is asked to come and have halwa. They sit to have the sweets. Reyansh says he is sorry for what he said. She feeds him the halwa. He says he is okay. Intehaa…plays.

As the lady announces the dance competition, Reyansh asks Aradhana to dance. Aradhana holds Jai’s dance and goes with him. Reyansh asks Bani to dance. Bas ek pal….plays…. Reyansh dances with Aradhana.


Destiny wants us to meet. He says I will pay the bill, and I did this for my love. Aradhana meets Reyansh.

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