Suhaagan 14th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Suhaagan 14th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Madan telling Rekha that he found her acting to be genuine, and she says what you had told me, that he would win the girls’ hearts and get their land and house. He says whatever he does is for his goal. Seeing Bindiya, Phoolwati says that she has put so much effort into becoming rani here and naukrani here. Madan tells her not to feel bad. They start acting as they see Bindiya arrive.

She asks how I will stay without her. Madan whispers that he does not know how much she has heard. Rekha asks him to find out. The two pretend to see Bindiya. Madan hugs Bindiya, asking him not to leave them. Madan says he must leave, because if he doesn’t earn money, how will he feed them burgers? Bindiya says we didn’t expect to leave so early. Rekha says I will stay happy tonight so I can leave happy.

After thinking about what Madan is thinking, Phoolwati leaves the house with Bindiya and Payal and tells them that today is the last day and they thought about sleeping with them. When the girls see the tent, they are delighted and go inside. Rekha says the monkeys dance to her tune.

He says he is angry at Bindiya for calling Phoolwati home. She says she feels bad sometimes. Having realized they cannot gain wealth by staying here, he says whoever has the girls will get them, and that after they get it, they will abandon them. As they play with them, Phoolwati and Bhim look at them. Phoolwati wonders what Madan will do. Bindiya prays that God will stop Mama and Mami.

Bindiya wakes up the next morning and asks Payal to wake up, saying Mama and Mami have left. They rush inside. Amma asks Madan to think again and stay back for a few more days. Phoolwati asks her to think about her work. He says they can get educated there and Amma will get the best treatment. Amma says she can’t go. Madan gives her until evening to think about it.

Payal asks Amma to come. Phoolwati asks them to go to City. She thinks she has to convince Amma to stay back. Phoolwati tells Amma that she didn’t think of going with Madan, and asks what you are saying. Rekha and Madan discuss what is going to happen on the farm.

Amma asks Phoolwati why Madan wants to take them to the city so they can eat burgers and go to big schools. Madan tells them that he has taken them to the city. She asks how she will stay in her son’s Sasural. Amma says he is like my son. Phoolwati asks her not to compare Madan with Shyam. She fills Amma’s mind with doubt. Rekha calls Bhim and says it’s good that you’re not a rat. She asks him to do some yoga steps. He refuses, saying Phoolwati won’t like it. Rekha asks if I’m fat. Bhim laughs. Madan leaves.

Rekha continues to distract Bhim by asking him to do a yoga pose. Bhim looks at her back. Phoolwati thinks she can’t go out because Madan will manipulate her.

When Bindiya hears Payal telling her friends that she is going to City, she gets worried. Payal says she will go.

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