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Vanraj inquires Baa about Pakhi’s whereabouts at such a late hour. In response, Baa reveals that she has gone to see her friend. Vanraj regrets not being informed earlier, as he could have accompanied her. Baa jokingly questions if he is a taxi driver. Reminding him of the situation, Vanraj states that Pakhi is currently residing with them, and it is their responsibility to take care of her. He also worries about the consequences if her in-laws discover her absence. To ease his concerns, Vanraj calls Pakhi and assures her that he will bring her back home safely once he knows where she is.

Anupama reassures me that she would never scold me and reminds me that she, too, has chocolate to share. She hands me the treat and requests Choti to open the wrapper, but Choti pays no attention. Anupama takes matters into her own hands and engages in a pretend conversation with Devi. She recalls how Kiran used to torment her, causing her fear of going to school and teasingly calling her “chipku” due to her oiled hair. Nevertheless, she expresses gratitude towards Devika for being an amazing BFF who always had her back and even stood up for her against bullying. She wholeheartedly tells Devika that she is truly a superhero in her eyes for bravely tackling such issues. Just then, Choti overhears their conversation.

Pakhi makes a video call to Vanraj and tells him that she has come for an event with her friend. Vanraj sees Dimpy behind her and then sees Tapish. Pakhi reacts and says why she will be here, she has gone with her friend. She turns, pointing at them, and says, OMG, what is she doing here with Titu? Vanraj asks her to send the location. Pakhi agrees. After hearing them, Kavya tries to stop Vanraj, asking him to talk to Dimpy when he gets home. Vanraj leaves in anger, leaving Kavya wondering who she should tell.

Choti says Devika Maasi is your actual friend and always supports you. Anupama says yes and tells her that superheroes are sometimes in the classroom. She says whoever supports the weak is a superhero and gives an example of a puppy. Those who save are superheroes, while those who bully are villains. A person who stands up for others is a big Superman, and she gets up and leaves.

As Kavya calls Anupama, Anupama becomes shocked and wonders what to do. Pakhi tells Dimpy that you were angry when I told you at home that you would meet Titu on the pretext of meeting a friend. Dimpy tells her to stop talking. The Shah family’s shameless bahu, Pakhi says, would have died with shame if someone had been in your place. She says Papa has come. Dimpy sees Vanraj standing angrily.

Barkha Devi tells Malti Devi they will patch up with Anupama by shedding a few tears like Baa. She will forgive us but throw us out if she catches us. Malti Devi says she won’t apologize to Anupama and tells Barkha that her era will come soon.

Vanraj confronts Dimpy and questions her actions. He asks what she would have done if no one was there to hold her accountable. Pakhi quickly responds, saying that she would have eloped. Vanraj reminds her of his son, who left three months ago and accuses Dimpy of forgetting him. He also points out that she is carrying his child and betraying both him and her deceased husband. Dimpy defends herself, telling Vanraj to stop his accusations as she is not betraying anyone. He challenges her, asking why she lied then. Dimpy explains that she has her own life and identity, but Vanraj’s constant interference does not allow her to live freely, which leads her to lie. She adds that the dance event they are at was Samar’s favorite, so she decided to come. Vanraj remarks that she could have come with Kavya, Baa, and Babu ji instead. Dimpy clarifies that Titu is a friend who invited her to the event.

Vanraj insists that she end her friendship, which she adamantly refuses, pointing out that not all friendships are like the complicated one he shares with Kavya. Dimpy reprimands Vanraj for raising his voice and assures him that his suspicions are unfounded. She turns to Pakhi and asks if she has invited her father to the hotel room. Pakhi tells her to go and meet her friend there instead. She questions why they had planned on going there from here. Titu chimes in, asking how dare she make such a plan. In a rage, Vanraj slaps Titu for speaking to his daughter so harshly, only to be interrupted by Anupama’s arrival, who demands an explanation for Pakhi’s behavior towards her daughter-in-law.

Baa inquires Kavya about Vanraj’s whereabouts and asks her to disclose the information. Kavya replies that he has left for an important task. Repeating herself, Baa urges Kavya to share more details. This causes Kavya to feel anxious. Vanraj reminds Anupama of his earlier warning to distance herself from his family and home. However, Anupama confesses that she could not tolerate the disarray in the house and, therefore, came back. Vanraj asserts that Dimpy is his daughter-in-law, and this is his home. Anupama responds that Dimpy holds the same position as her daughter-in-law. Vanraj argues that Anupama should have made Dimpy understand their rules. In turn, Anupama questions if Vanraj has understood Dimpy’s perspective. Frustrated, Vanraj grabs Anupama’s hand, but she firmly asks him to let go. In the meantime, Dimpy reveals that she lied to attend the event with no malice in her intentions.

Vanraj mentions that Kavya and I, Anupama and Anuj, Samar, and you used to be friends. However, Anupama points out that not all friends end up getting married. Vanraj is concerned about their well-being and warns Dimpy to be careful. He also advises Titu to return to Mumbai if he wants to improve his situation or risk being hurt. Feeling frustrated, Anupama questions Vanraj’s possessiveness over Dimpy. Vanraj assures her that he will always keep a watchful eye over her for the rest of his life.

Anupama inquires about Dimpy’s plans. Pakhi recalls how Anupama didn’t trust her when she used to go out. She reminds her that she wouldn’t have achieved so much if Anupama had not been strict. Vanraj adds that if Samar were alive, he wouldn’t interrogate Dimpy about anything. He reminds them both that they have forgotten about him. Anupama questions if Dimpy should stop living her life just because her husband passed away. Vanraj advises her to focus on managing their home and family, or he will be held responsible for causing trouble.

As a result of Toshu-Kinjal leaving, Pakhi also gets married, and he only has Samar’s baby with him, so he asks her to stay away from them. In response, Anupama says you have asked me to stay away from my Baa and Babu ji, and asks who asked her to do so. She shouts and says Vanraj Shah, and he asks her to stop interfering with his family affairs. He takes Dimpy from there. Pakhi follows behind him. Kavya is concerned. Baa worries, thinking Kavya didn’t tell her, but there is certainly something to worry about.

In response, Pakhi tells Vanraj that Dimpy went with Titu without telling anyone, and he asks Dimpy not to meet Titu here and tells him that Dimpy-Titu’s chapter is over. Vanraj says he will talk to everyone after he gets home.

In his apology to Anupama, Titu says Dimpy asked him to come, and that’s why he came, but he should have sent someone else with her.


Anuj tells Anupama to take a break and care for the house from a distance, asking her to stop worrying. Vanraj sits in the chair and tells them what he wants to say to them.

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