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Shiv Shakti

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Shakti shares with Manorama that Ranjan made inappropriate advances towards her. Without hesitation, Manorama declares that if Ranjan refuses to marry Rimjhim, no one else will. While outside, the sound of dhol catches their attention, and they step out to look. To their surprise, Shiv arrives at the event with his dhol and starts dancing. Amidst the confusion, Shiv attempts to pull Shakti into dancing with him but is stopped by Manorama. In a calm voice, Shiv urges Shakti to join in and enjoy herself or risk people finding out about his altercation with Ranjan. Reluctantly, Shakti joins in on the dance as Manorama gives her permission. Together, they dance with Shiv.

Ranjan is bewildered by the scene unfolding before him. Shiv quietly confides in Manorama that he did not go because Shakti does not feel safe with Ranjan, and he feels responsible for protecting her. Manorama reassures him by stating that, as Shakti’s mother, she has always been her protector and will continue to do so. However, Shiv acknowledges that a mother’s love is powerful, but today, she is acting more like a chachi (aunt), which is why she is failing to protect Shakti. He believes God sent him to fulfill this role instead. Manorama becomes angry and yells at him to leave, pushing him into Raghunath’s arms as they enter the house, causing everyone to be shocked at their sudden appearance.

Ranjan fears Raghunath will recognize him, as well as Mandira and Keertan. Shiv asks Nandu if he is okay. Dadi asks Manorama what is going on. Dadi asks Manorama, “Why did you push Shiv away?” Mandira smirked and thought we had come at the right time. Shiv asks Manorama why she pushed him. He says he’ll tell them the truth.

Manorama was not kicking me out of the house; instead, she wanted me to return home and have a meal. Despite her insistence, I declined to eat and decided to leave so that I could eat in my own home. She cares for me deeply. Dadi nods in agreement and mentions how much Shiv means to their family. Shiv also agrees and promises to have something to eat now. Chacha greets them and expresses gratitude for their attendance. Raghunath adds that they wanted to be a part of Rimjhim’s celebrations. They all head inside, but Raghunath stops Shakti momentarily and greets her. Dadi blesses her warmly. Padma whispers to Mandira about her failed schemes but gets angry when she notices Ranjan eavesdropping. She subtly signals him to follow her into another room.

Mandira slaps Ranjan and says I told you to separate Shiv and Shakti, but what did you do? You could have called and told me not to come here. You got beaten up rightfully. Ranjan asks, “You want me beaten up?” Ranjan’s brother says we did as you said. Ranjan got beaten up badly, but we didn’t say anything. We made a big scene, Manorama and Shiv fought, Shiv was about to leave, but then he came back for some reason. Mandira says Shakti’s power brought him back.

The haldi ceremony begins with all the family members present. Raghunath reminds Ranjan’s father that Rimjhim is like a daughter to them, and they should strive to make her happy. As a result, Ranjan’s mother also considers Rimjhim to be their daughter. Manorama notices Rimjhim staring sadly at Keertan, while Dharam is delighted to see Koyal. As Rimjhim greets Dadi, she asks why she isn’t looking cheerful. Trying to mask her emotions, Rimjhim replies that she is just tired. However, Dadi advises her to be lively as it’s her special day as a bride. When Shakti goes to get some refreshments, Shiv follows behind her. Observing this, Dadi teases Raghunath for following Shakti like a lovesick puppy.

Shakti asks Shiv, “What are you doing here?” He says I must protect you like a bodyguard so that I will be around. Shakti asks what? Shiv says you don’t feel safe around Ranjan, so I must protect you. She calls Dharam and asks him for refreshments; he takes them. Shakti invites Shiv.

Mandira is talking to Ranjan in Shakti’s room. Shakti and Shiv are going there. Mandira hears someone coming and gets scared.

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