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Anju is distraught, and she throws things around the room in her frustration. To reason with her, Shlok suggests that he earns money and can help them with financial aid. However, Anju is in tears and determined not to let Shlok’s money control their lives. Poonam, Shlok, and Dadi all support Anju and emphasize Shlok’s mistake as a significant one.

Similarly, Shagun burns a photograph of Shlok and Sumeet, which Sakshi believes will negatively affect Shlok’s relationship with Sumeet and their shared dream of becoming wedding planners.

Shlok attempts to approach Anju to mend things, but she decides to leave instead. Sumeet intervenes, preventing Anju from leaving, and Shlok acknowledges that his previous actions cost them the job. He assures them that their performance will be exactly as Mr. Gill intended.

In the meantime, Pankhuri overhears Priyanka talking to Raj, hoping Raj won’t reveal the truth to her. Pankhuri doesn’t want Raj to slip away again.

The Chowdhury family returns from a recent wedding event, filled with happiness and excitement. Priyanka recalls how everyone loved Shlok and Sumeet’s performance. Poonam praises Sumeet, calling her the angel of their household, and promises that nothing will go wrong as long as she is there.

In their conversation, Sakshi and Shagun discuss how challenging it is to manage Shlok when Sumeet is present. Priyanka informs them that Sumeet’s video of playing the Dhol has gone viral, eliciting the family’s laughter and excitement. Although Shlok sang alongside Sumeet, Sumeet is skeptical of the situation, as she finds it odd that only her part is included in the video.

Shagun hears Sakshi’s confession about giving Sumeet a share of Shlok’s fame, which she believes will pique Shlok’s male ego and lead to misunderstandings. Afterward, she informs Shlok that the company has been impressed by Sumeet’s viral video and has asked her to appear in the music video.

Despite Sakshi’s attempts to manipulate the situation, Shlok eagerly departs to share the news with Sumeet. Sakshi suggests that having Sumeet in the video may diminish Shlok’s stardom.

Amid these developments, Sakshi calls Shagun to express her concerns about her evolving game plan. As a result, Shagun advises Raj to be patient while dealing with the situation. When Raj attempts to speak with Priyanka, Pankhuri intervenes, preventing him from divulging any details.

As Shlok is absent, Sumeet requests their patience when the media visit their home. Shlok arrives, and the reporters ask Sumeet to interview them instead. Sumeet refuses their request and asks them to leave. Shlok enthusiastically informs Sumeet of her role in the music video, imagining them as a prominent couple in the future.

As Sumeet’s uncertainties linger, she finds herself compelled to delve deeper into Sakshi’s past. Shlok surprises her with a thoughtful Karva Chauth gift – a new Dhol – and confidently declares that she will soon surpass the role of a star wife and become a star in her own right. Determined to uncover more about Sakshi, Sumeet investigates her past at her former school. Meanwhile, Sakshi tries to provoke Shlok by pointing out the recognition Sumeet has received for her Dhol playing compared to his singing. The principal of Sakshi’s school reveals that she had a guardian looking after her during her time there.

During all this, Sumeet patiently awaits further details about Sakshi’s guardian as Sakshi asks Shlok to urge him to quit playing the Dhol.

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