Meet 30th January 2023 Written Update


Meet in Sahara house. Manmeet hides his other hand. Meet looks at him, wondering what he is doing here. Manmeet hides behind clothes and starts covering his other hand. Meet walks towards him and takes off the dupatta hanging to dry. The dupatta flies and lands on them. She remembers the time she spent with Meet Ahlawat. Manmeet is stunned. Meet loses her balance, but he saves her and removes the dupatta from them.

It’s Manmeet asking her what she’s doing here. It’s Meet asking what she’s doing here. Manmeet asks what do you think. Meet says I think you’re also here to find out something. Manmeet says it’s difficult to understand Sarkar and his family, we should leave as soon as possible. He says yes I think Sarkar is planning something big. Meet says yes Shagun is getting married without anyone knowing, he’s cooking something.

It’s not good to come here, we should leave soon, Manmeet says, but sometimes we have to do something for people we know like you did for me. Meet says we need to watch him closely. Manmeet says forget him today is our time together, let’s go home. Manmeet says Sarkar is right, she is cleverer than a fox, I have to tell him, and he calls Sarkar and tells him to be careful.

This game is getting interesting, she is a good player now, Mary her and bring her fast to our house, don’t worry, everyone is waiting for you. Manmeet hangs up the phone. Raj looks after the agreements and decorations. Babita asks Ishani about the Meet. She says she will be ready in 5 minutes.

Ishani is helping Meet prepare for the wedding. Meet thinks about Meet Ahlawat. Ishani tells her not to cry or that everyone will scold her. Ishani walks down the aisle with Meet. Babita hugs Meet. Meet looks at Babita and says I thought you would praise me for wearing your dress. Did I do something wrong? Raj and Ram give her blessings. Babita hugs Meet.

Manmeet walks in with his friends saying nobody can save her now because I have my eye on her, so he frees everyone and takes blessings. Babita says you are wearing your clothes correctly, and this is how I want you to look. She applies black teeka and says God save you from bad omen. Raj sees two thalis and asks why did you bring two. Manmeet explains that Nani’s wish was to see my wife, so she kept a thali, but now she has passed away, so I would like Meet to choose one of the two.

The two remove the cloth from the thali and find it very interesting. Everyone laughs when they see the hardware parts in the thali. They choose the thali with the hardware parts.

It is clear to him that you will choose this thali because the other one is for Shagun. He thinks and says it is clear to him that you will choose this one. When Manmeet asks the guy to take another thali, Meet stops him. He asks Babita what happened that you chose the other one. She asks if anyone else has authority over her. Manmeet says no.

It is Jasodha’s responsibility to ask Sundari about arrangements and Shagun. Sundari walks towards her and says arrangements are completed and Shagun will be ready soon. Jasodha says you know Manmeet has gone to Meet’s house for pooja, and when Meet comes here, I’ll take revenge on her. It’s time to celebrate, so bring sweets with you.

Sunari walks away. Her daughter tells her Sarkar, Manmeet, and everyone is planning against Meet to torture her. Sundari asks her to be quiet. Gunwanti brings Shagun with her. Jasodha looks at Shagun and says you look beautiful, then applies black teeka to her. Jasodha takes Gunwanti with her

If you want to be happy, Imarti says to Shagun, but remember your Manmeet is doing haldi rituals at Meet’s house. Shagun says that the haldi over there is fake and the real one is here. Imarti says okay, but the colour will be the same and she will apply the first colour on him. Shagun says I won’t let this happen. I’ll apply him the first haldi.

A baby girl starts crying during the haldi ceremony, everyone is happy and excited. Babita asks let’s begin the ceremony, but Manmeet says he can’t see a baby crying or a woman in danger, so he walks up to the baby and holds her in his arms so she stops crying. As Meet looks at them, he says she used to stick with Meet Ahlawat in the same way she does today.

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