Pandya Store 30th January 2023 Written Update

In the episode, Shiva breaks everything in the room and shouts. Raavi asks him to calm down. He says Shweta will take the baby. Suman asks what is going on. It’s all here, look at them. Shiva asks if everything is okay. She answers yes. He asks Suman not to cry. He says he doesn’t understand anything. Raavi asks him to rest.

He is unwell, so why didn’t you get him home? Raavi asks how I could get him to the house where he lost his mental balance, which was critical, the doctor told me about his condition, he used to get angry when he saw the kids, I kept Mittu hidden for two years, and we have suffered so much.

Raavi says no, he needs rest, he has taken a lot of stress, I will give him medicine. Shiva asks if everything will be alright. Dev says yes. Raavi takes Shiva. Suman worries. As Shesh says Chiku is a liar, Suman gets angry. Chiku says I’ve seen her anger. Shesh says I also want to see. Raavi asks Chiku to leave, and not show the picture again. Chiku goes. Dhara says I’m making the food.

Rishita takes Shesh. Dhara asks if there will be food in your room. Rishita says no worries, we will prepare it. Suman asks what it is. Dhara explains to her. Rishita says you can’t insult me. Dhara says I told you about the food, you’re weird. Suman says we’ve been together for years, we should be happy, you’re all fighting, it’s better you all came after I passed away. She goes. Shesh says you lied to me, where is the smoke? She leaves.

Rishita and Dhara cook in the kitchen. Rishita takes the food and goes out. Dhara cries. Chiku tells me to make Dadi a ghost in front of him. He sees Suman sleeping and applies the paint to her face. Natasha is asked by Shweta to get up and get medicine. She thinks I only have medicine for a couple of days, then I have to buy expensive medicines again. She asks her not to do that again.

Prerna asks if you’ve come here to eat, what’s wrong, it’s your family, they’re not strangers. Natasha says you get money, why do you want me to get it? Shweta gives her medicine and makes her sleep. Krish orders dinner. Dhara gets the food. Chiku says it’s a big plate. Krish says you’ve seen them. She asks are you taking it personally. He says come on, Prerna. She says let’s go home, we’ll have food with everyone.

Chiku says then I will have food with my brothers, shall I call Shesh and Mittu? Dhara says I recalled my kids’ childhood, Gautam and his brothers used to use this plate. Dhara says yes, but their mothers have taken their food upstairs. He asks if we can’t eat together. Gautam says it’s okay if we can’t.

Krish says he won’t be going back. Chiku asks what are you doing? Gautam says I’m going out, I’ll be late, don’t call me. She thinks he’s going to drink, how can I stop him?

In response to Prerna’s question, did I come here to stay in a hotel, we should go there for Suman, we want her to be okay, and you are sponsoring a blood donation camp and asking people to pray for her. As you stay in this hotel, you will harm Suman, and if she dies, you will regret everything you have done.

Dhara tells Chiku about Gautam and his brothers’ party. Chiku says wow, all of you used to play music. He says he loves her and hugs her. We will party today, Dhara says. Gautam says everyone’s hearts hurt. Chiku says I will do something. He calls Mittu out, Mittu signs no. Raavi asks what’s going on outside.

Shesh makes an excuse and goes out. Chiku asks Shesh to come out. Mittu says no one, I’ll have food and bring it. Rishita asks Shesh to eat the food. Shesh didn’t come until now, I can’t tolerate all this. They play music and dance. Gautam comes and watches. Chiku takes him to dance. Dev, Rishita and Raavi watch.

In Gautam’s pocket, Dhara observes an alcohol bottle. Suman is still asleep with the paint on her face.


Shiva says we’ll have food together. He stops Raavi and says I’ll have food with my brothers.

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