Pandya Store 15th July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Natasha declaring her plan to unite everyone, including Chiku. Just then, they hear Dhara approaching. Immediately, Natasha mentions that Dhara is coming to look for them. Chiku comments that only a real mother would search for her child. As Dhara reaches the kids, Chiku asks her to keep her distance and questions if she truly loves him since she did not come when he needed her. Dhara reassures him that she loves him deeply and reminds him of how insistent he was on leaving. She recalls playing puzzle games with him and compares it to relationships being essential for progress, much like the correct pieces in a puzzle moving forward smoothly.

In response to Natasha’s question, Dhara says that right relations last a lifetime. Natasha says you don’t love him. Dhara says we love each other, but our children come first. Chiku refuses to come. Everyone comes. Chiku says he has found his real mother.

Rishita hugs Natasha. Shweta hugs Chiku. Dhara says stay there, I’m getting the kids. Shweta says sorry, please come with me, I won’t scold you.

Dhara asks Gautam to stop Chiku. Chiku goes with Shweta. Everyone comes home. Dhara cooks food. Raavi offers help. Dhara says okay, I’ll do. Suman says you all see what happens, you won’t manage alone, stay wherever you want, but my grandchildren will stay here, because I can’t live without them. Rishita says I agree with you. Raavi says what you said, Maa. Suman says you ignited this fire and caused the division of the house. A call is made to Dhara. She asks what happened. Gautam asks what happened.

A smile spreads across Dhara’s face. She asks what happened. Suman asks if you won the lottery. Dhara says Hardik had a registered marriage, he said he would come Somnath and do sangeet and reception. I didn’t tell him Malti died, because I don’t want to push him. Suman asks when he will come. The marriage will take place in Ahmedabad, Dhara says. Suman says he married the daughter of his boss, so he has become the boss. Dhara smiles.

Shivank bails out Arushi. Hardik makes a video call to Dhara. Dhara says I was so excited and wanted to share the news with them. He asks if everyone is coming to the wedding. Dhara says yes, Gautam, Suman and I will be there. Hardik is greeted with hugs and wishes by everyone.

We will meet in the marriage. Hardik says you all have to come. I don’t have a family, so I want you to meet my in-laws. They want to see how a family stays united, so I always tell them your stories. Suman gets sad. Dhara says there is no pressure if you don’t want to come. Raavi says we won’t come if you don’t want. Dhara says it’s not like that. Suman says we must go, he told his Sasural that we have unity, we must go and show that, Hardik has done so much for us.

Shiva says yes, we will go. Dev and Krish also agree. Shivank and Arushi emerge from the police station and talk. He says you might have called me to do a good deed. She says Dhara’s death. He looks at her. He laughs. She gets shocked when he says the whole Pandya family will die, they have insulted me, I can’t just take revenge on Dhara, it will be fun when they pay a price for this.

The deal is done, you kill the Pandyas, I will kill Dhara. He says done. Natasha says don’t worry, Chiku will come home, we have made a plan. She will stay here. Dhara hugs her. Natasha says I’ll talk to Chiku whenever he calls.

Shweta’s words inspire Chiku to support Natasha in her plans. He throws things. Shweta worries. She asks why you are getting angry. Suman says Natasha needs to stay with Dhara since Dhara has given her kidney to her, go Rishita, pack. She says yes. Suman says I wish I had my children with me too. She asks them to eat and leave.

Chiku says you are a bad mother for not taking me along to Dubai. Shweta worries and calls Dhara. Suman sees the family dining together and smiles. Dhara also smiles.

Shivank and Arushi smile as she feeds Dev more rotis. Suman thinks this family has become relatives. I wish their happiness won’t suffer.


Rishita says Dev and Gautam always stood by us, we will stand by them too. Krish says we’ll buy a house for them. Shiva says I’ll work at Pandya store.


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