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The music company producer inquires Sumeet about Shlok’s singing struggles. He reminds her that the launch party is today, and if Shlok can’t perform, it could be a significant issue for them and hinder his future opportunities. Assuring the producer, Sumeet, promises to speak with Shlok and ensures he will give his all at the performance. She advises him to think of his loved ones while singing, expressing confidence that everyone will listen when he sings from the heart. Urging him to let go of any worries, Sumeet requests one final opportunity for Shlok before the producer considers ending their collaboration.

A rousing applause fills the room when Shlok sings beautifully when he imagines he’s just him and Sumeet. When Shlok and Sumeet return home, the lights are out, and all their family members cheer for Rockstar Shlok, decorating the walls with pictures of Sumeet and Shlok. Shlok asks what all of this is about. Raj and Rajeev informed Shlok that Mr. Ambani informed them that the teaser of his new song had already been viewed millions of times. Thus, the producer wanted to throw a party to honor this achievement.

Raj informs Shlok that even Shagun couldn’t match his level of success. He mentions her recent move to America with Raunak after her company’s closure. Poonam expresses relief over Shagun’s departure, commenting on the pain she caused them. She then reminds everyone to prepare for Mr. Ambani’s arrival with the media. Sumeet asks for a moment and brings Pankhuri into the room. Raj and Priyanka recall Pankhuri’s past behavior towards them. Poonam suggests that Pankhuri has no place in their happy household. However, Sumeet persuades them that Pankhuri is also their family member.

Shlok asked if Sarthak, Raj, and Priyanka could forgive Pankhuri. Sumeet explained that it may be difficult for them to do so, but if they cannot forgive her, Pankhuri will continue to feel guilty. Pankhuri tearfully begs for forgiveness and acknowledges her mistake. She promises to leave and never return. Sumeet also appeals to everyone once more to forgive Pankhuri. Priyanka helps Pankhuri get up from the ground, and she then apologizes to Sarthak again. With a smile on his face, Sarthak accepts Sumeet’s hand. Suddenly, Mr. Ambani arrives with reporters who question Shlok about the person he credits for his success.

The media hears Shlok say that his wife Sumeet is the reason for his success and compliments her. As Raj points out, Meet is present in Sumeet since she accepts pain to give happiness to others. All the people applaud Sumeet. Raj and Shlok pick her up and cheer for her. In the launch of “Channa Ve,” Sumeet and Shlok’s new album, Shlok sings while the whole family dances with Sumeet playing the dhol.

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