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Meet 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sumeet and Shlok are perplexed as they stand together, with Shlok dressed in feminine attire. They are both surprised by Shagun’s knowledge of their whereabouts at her house while searching for Akki. Meanwhile, Raunak’s actions are becoming increasingly frantic and aggressive, causing chaos in the room. Despite being disguised as Sumeet, Shlok becomes the target of Raunak’s attacks. This catches Sumeet off guard as she initially believed Raunak wouldn’t harm her. Suddenly, a notification sound from a mobile phone can be heard, but upon checking both of their devices, they cannot find its source. This adds to their confusion as they ponder its origin.

While praying with Poonam, Sumeet expresses her confusion about improving Raunak’s condition within the remaining two days. She shares the advice given by Meet and offers encouragement to Poonam. Curiously, she wonders why Shagun abruptly left. Upon inquiry, Poonam explains that Shagun had received a text message and had to leave urgently. Sumeet ponders on who could have informed Shagun about their presence. Meanwhile, Raj remains determined to catch Priyanka in the act after receiving yet another unsettling message from Pankhuri. Assuming that Priyanka is his secret admirer, he confronts her while she is with Pankhuri, leading to misunderstandings and annoyance.

Sumeet checks Raunak’s room when he falls asleep and finds a hidden mobile phone in his cupboard. Dadi complains to Priyanka about her headache and back pain, using zandu balm to relieve them. In order to force Raunak to reveal where Shagun has hidden Akki, Shlok prepares to make him unconscious. Sumeet intervenes, reminding Shlok that making him unconscious would mean losing the game. Shlok, however, continues with his plan.

Sumeet informs Shlok that a solution has presented itself and hands him the mobile phone she discovered in Raunak’s room. His reaction is one of shock; he questions how someone with a mental illness like Raunak could have a mobile phone. However, Sumeet suggests that the reality may be different from what they initially believed. As they enter Raunak’s room, he is seen switching the lights on and off while smirking and clapping. Connecting the dots, Sumeet explains to Shlok about Shagun’s abrupt departure after receiving a message, Raunak being awake when they assumed he was asleep, and her using Shlok’s face to unlock the phone.

In the end, Raunak is revealed to be normal and reveals he was acting as if he didn’t know about Shlok and Sumeet’s disguises. He says he’s determined to avenge Shlok for taking Sumeet from him. He burns Shlok’s picture and laughs maniacally. As Raunak captures Anju, Sumeet tells Shlok they don’t need disguises anymore.

The electric rod is grabbed by Raunak and she threatens Anju. Sumeet pulls the plug and confronts Raunak with a broomstick. She hits him with the rod. Raunak thinks soon Shlok will be dead and you will become mine. She forces him to sit like a chicken and hold his ears, thinking his acting will contribute to their victory.

The precap:

We are going to cure Raunak with the help of Dr. Danny, says Sumeet. Everyone makes Raunak sit on a chair. Dr. tries to shock him. Raunak says I am not mad at all, I am normal.


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