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Shiv Shakti 21st August 2023 Written Episode Update on

Shiv says that Shakti won’t let him resign. Shiv says you don’t know that I have a lot of work, I don’t need the hospital work. I will have time to study and go to the mandir now.. Shiv says that’s all? You can’t convince me when you aren’t convinced yourself? Dadi smiles at her and thinks she read him like no one else in the family could.

In front of Dadi, Mandira tells Keertan and Koyal I have to pretend that I love Shiv more than you both. Shiv is still in the house, so I have to pretend that I am sad that he lost the job. She will go to Dadi and cry crocodile tears.

Shiv tells Shakti he is losing everything if he leaves the hospital and the hospital needs him too. He stares at her and she holds his hand. Dadi and Gayatri see them. Gayatri whispers that Shiv is incomplete without her. She tells Shiv he cannot lie to her, she can see that he is hurting. Shiv says it’s fine, my brother is going to be an MD and I’m sure he’ll work hard too.

As Chacha greets Mandira after the pooja, he begins to make his way out. Suddenly, Ragunath appears and questions Mandira about why she summoned him when there are already numerous priests in the city. Brushing off his concerns, Mandira reassures him that Chacha is simply there for financial gain. However, Ragunath expresses doubt and warns Mandira about the deceptive nature of people like Chacha. This unfortunately upsets Chacha, who is then invited by a servant to join them for dinner. However, he declines, stating that he must leave to attend his daughter’s engagement. Ragunath then adds a sly remark about Mandira’s niece not being able to find a suitable marriage partner due to her behavior and advises Chacha to keep her away from his family. Feeling hurt and offended, Chacha promises to do so before taking his leave. With a smirk on her face, Mandira looks on as the encounter comes to an end.

By leaving his rights, Shiv is making a mistake. Shiv says that you don’t want to let wrong happen to you, even if you think you are doing the right thing. In a war, you can’t back down and let evil win. Dadi says what rubbish are you saying? Keertan is part of our family as well. Shakti says that I’m not saying he is evil. Evil can be a woman too. Shiv says what? Shakti says remember I wanted to tell you something that day? I think it’s time.

Dadi inquires about Mandira’s statements, while Shakti recalls how strongly Shiv trusts her. He continues, stating that a war can also be waged against ideologies, and emphasizes the need for a healthcare facility where people are not burdened with financial concerns. He expresses confidence in Keertan and Mandira’s ability to manage the hospital, but acknowledges that no one can do it as effectively as Dadi. After all, she had witnessed firsthand how Keertan was unable to treat a patient, making her the best choice for MD. Dadi agrees, admitting that although she may have twisted Shakti’s words before, he is right – no one can run the hospital like Shiv does. In celebration of their shared view, Shakti gives her a high-five.

As Mandira shows Ragunath the diamond cuffs, she says I bought them for Shiv to give on an important occasion. Ragunath says you treat him like a son, anyone in your position would have abandoned him. Raguna says don’t belittle my motherly love for him, I love him like a son. Ragunath says I don’t doubt it.

It is Shiv’s trust that Mandira and Keertan will run the hospital well, so Shakti whispers to herself that if she proves to him that this is a deliberate attempt to trap you, you won’t resign, right? Shiv says he knows the minister is behind all this. Shakti whispers to herself that he won’t go against Mandira, so she must convince him with a proof. If I bring the criminal to you and prove to you that this is something wrong happening to you, will you take my side?

“Why are you so worried about this?” Shiv asked, his voice tinged with frustration. “Your sister is getting married, focus on that,” he reminded me. Shakti believed I was trying to protect both Shiv and Rimjhim, but she declared that she would never abandon her loved ones in their time of need. “I fight for those I care about,” she stated firmly, urging him not to sign the resignation papers. Gayatri quietly agreed with her, while Dadi suggested they at least wait for proof before making a decision. Reluctantly, Shiv promised to hold off on signing until Shakti returned with evidence. Her face lit up with joy as she assured us all that she would be back before the deadline. With determination in her stride, she made her exit through the window. Dadi suggested using the main gate instead, but Shakti insisted on returning the same way she left. As she clambered out of the window, Mandira and Ragunath appeared unexpectedly, causing everyone to gasp in shock. “Shakti?” Mandira exclaimed in surprise. The tension in the room grew thicker as all eyes turned towards her.


I want everything to go according to my will, Mandira said to herself. Shakti says at 7:30 my sister will get engaged and Dr. Shiv will do the signature, so I have to stop it. The signature will be done today at 7:30 pm, Mandira says. You are surrounded by your partner, Shakti says to herself.

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