Suhaagan 28th August 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 28th August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Rudra asking Bindiya for permission to introduce Payal to his parents in order to clear any doubts they may have about her. He hopes that this will show them that Payal is of a high standard. Bindiya advises him to first speak with his parents and then bring Payal over. Krish interjects, stating that he will not allow Payal to go anywhere. Rudra insists that it is important for his parents to see how much he loves Payal and pleads with Bindiya to let him take her. Dadi requests Rose for some water, but Rose informs her that she has already had some. Phoolmati points out their long wait and Dadi asks the watchman to give the items to Bindiya instead. As they leave, Sakshi declares that she will continue to prove their worth at every opportunity.

Krish informs Bindiya that the same man who previously rejected Payal now wants her to meet his parents. However, Bindiya declines and reveals that he had attempted to introduce her to his parents in the past, but she was unable to make it due to their plans together. Rudra then arrives on his bike and urges Payal to join him. Bindiya encourages Payal to go and assures her that everything will turn out well with the blessings of Ambe Maa. Payal acknowledges Bindiya’s support and agrees to go. As Rudra speeds up on his bike, Payal commends his performance skills. Krish becomes upset and suggests following them in his car. Bindiya explains that she arrived on a scooter, but Krish offers to retrieve it for her through someone else while they ride in his car.

Krish inquires about Rudra and Bindiya responds that she does not know him, but Payal has strong feelings for him. Krish doubts the authenticity of Rudra’s intentions and Bindiya reassures him that she will arrange for their marriage. He expresses concern for Payal and Bindiya assures him that she cares deeply for her, which is why she approached Rudra. Rudra also praises Payal and promises to follow her lead. While on a bike ride, Payal suggests taking a narrow lane, but Krish is unable to follow in his car. Concerned, Bindiya tries calling but they both ignore it at her request. She then explains to Krish that she wants to avoid any complications in Payal and Rudra’s relationship and invites him home.

Baldev requests the decorator to adorn the house with a variety of flowers. Indu inquires if he plans to turn the house into a garden. He responds that he wants to create a lasting impression for their daughter-in-law, Bindiya. Speaking to Krish, Bindiya reveals that tomorrow is her first Teej fast and she hopes it will be unforgettable. She asks him to smile, but he expresses his bad mood. She puts on a song, which he promptly turns off. Undeterred, Bindiya plays the same song again. Upon arriving home, Krish heads inside while Bindiya remains outside momentarily. As she prepares to leave, the guard hands her some items gifted by an unknown sender specifically for her.

After hearing that Bindiya arrived with all the stuff brought by her family, Sakshi decides to ask Sakshi. The servant tells Sakshi that if she finds out that they waited for a long time and left, she should let Sakshi know. Dadi is also foolish like that illiterate Bindiya, and they do not respect each other. Sakshi tells her not to worry.

Bindiya explains that despite being simple, they are not foolish. She recalls her father’s teachings about the power of silence and patience, emphasizing how powerful a person becomes with those qualities. She mentions her grandmother’s values and how she didn’t create drama because she values relationships. Although her grandmother faced disrespect and couldn’t walk for years, she quietly brought things and waited here. Bindiya adds that while arrogance makes others bow their heads, good values make one humble in front of loved ones.

In her opinion, at least you would have expected a guest to be welcomed, and she asks the girl not to hurt her dadi, since she cannot stand it. For respect, one must sometimes keep silent. She asks her not to say that the family of the girl has no respect, because you are also someone’s daughter. She apologizes to her and leaves. Krish boxed and thought Rudra was very clever, so he had to prove his value to him.


Krish wants to talk to Rudra after Payal and Rudra take Dadi’s blessings.


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