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While Rajiv instructs the family to pack their belongings, he becomes concerned when Sumeet doesn’t answer her phone. Shlok advises everyone not to leave the house due to his predicament.

Sumeet enters the scene with a lit diya after the electricity goes out. She reveals they won’t need to leave the house after all. She shares that she met Shagun, who offered a solution: a game that could potentially free Shlok’s voice. In order to free Shlok, Sumeet explains that they need to complete six tasks and win at least four of them. Raj is also required to participate.

Shagun arrives and warns Shlok and his entire family that if they lose the game, they will become her lifelong servants. A contract is handed over to Shlok, which says Sumeet has already signed it. She reprimands Sumeet for jeopardizing their future. Poonam and Raj also express their concerns, but Sumeet is focused on Akki, who has been kidnapped by Shagun. With the help of a coin flip, Sumeet explains to the family that there is a 50% chance of winning.

Sumeet explains that a victory would ensure Shlok’s safety and allow them all to live as they wish. As Shagun observes Raunak’s erratic behavior and attack on her at home, he considers making Shlok suffer the same way, leading to his mental deterioration. The hospital staff restrains him, but Shlok is hesitant to take part.

With a group of men playing a large drum, Shagun arrives at Shlok’s house the next morning. Shagun threatens Shlok with jail time and mocks them with a police siren sound. Shlok and Rajiv express their reluctance to play any games. In the event that Shlok has to go to jail, the family stands united, but Shagun proposes a different challenge: a game with ten large drums, one of which is empty.

Sumeet needs to find the empty drum and hit it; if she hits a drum with someone inside, that person will be injured. Shagun gives Sumeet an hour to convince her family to play the game. Shlok warns Sumeet that if anything goes wrong with his family, he won’t forgive her. As Sumeet struggles between Akki’s safety and the well-being of his family, the dilemma intensifies.

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