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In the common area, everyone sits. Sarkar asks Gunwanti if she’s happy I’m going to be a father again. Gunwanti says yes. Manmeet says to Meet, did you see how emotionally Bapu Sarkar is after hearing the good news, that now mom will arrive, and that everything will be fine again? When Manmeet approaches Sarkar, he says, “I’m happy when you’re happy.”

Imarti says to everyone, “I don’t think that Gunwanti has some misunderstanding because at this age if Jasodha is pregnant, I don’t think that’s good news.” Manmeet, Mahindra and Narendra congratulate Bapu Sarkar. Since last night, Gunwanti has been vomiting, and she feels dizzy like you and Sapna. Imarti says she’s not pregnant; she could be sick. Meet signals Manmeet to come to her. He gives an excuse related to his mother and walks to Meet.

Manmeet and Meet together. Meet says go and bring Jasodha because everyone will soon know you lied because everyone will ask her, and she will say no, so you have to tell her that she is pregnant. Manmeet says he never thought about it that way. Meet says you do not have the brains for this, so tell her at the back door.

Jasodha will only tell Bapu Sarkar if she is pregnant. Gunwanti tells Imarti she does not have any manners and that she will only tell Bapu Sarkar if she is pregnant. Imarti thinks about her situation and cribs about it. Manmeet and Jasodha visit the doctor’s clinic. He asks the doctor to do a check-up. Jasodha says I just vomited a little, so it is not important. Manmeet tells the doctor everything about Jasodha’s condition. The doctor says the report is also here, but I’ll check it.

Meet hides behind curtains signalling to the doctor to lie about the situation. The doctor walks back to Jasodha and says I saw your report. You are pregnant! Jasodha in shock asks Manmeet to tell her again. Manmeet asks the doctor to tell her again. The doctor says that you are going to be a mother.

The doctor convinces Jasodha she is pregnant. Jasodha is stunned and in shock. She says how is this possible given that my age is a grandmother and everyone will laugh at me? Manmeet tells her not to worry and takes her away. The doctor thanks Meet and they leave. As Manmeet and Jasodha walk into Sarkar’s palace, Jasodha feels strange. Meet walks in with flowers and congratulates her.

Jalebi and Imarti discuss Jasodha’s pregnancy. Imarti says she ruined my plan for her. Everyone showers Jasodha with flowers. Meet brings Jasodha pregnancy food. Jasodha says whatever you bring feels poison to me. Meet sees Sarkar walking towards them. Meet says to Manmeet Sarkar is coming. They both hide behind a wall. Imarti watches Sarkar as she checks her medical reports in the room. Sarkar walks inside and checks her medical records.

As Sarkar walks towards Jasodha, Jasodha sleeps talking. Manmeet, please refrain from telling your Baapu Sarkar about this. Jasodha awakes to see Sarkar standing in front of her. Jasodha starts coughing. Sarkar gives her a glass of water and walks away. The entire village knows about your marriage to my sister Jalebi, will you or won’t you marry her? Sarkar asks Gunwanti to call everyone in the common area and bring Jasodha along with him.

Meet and Manmeet get excited and hug each other. Manmeet says no worries. Meghna walks towards Sarkar and Manmeet stops her. Meet and Shagun walks off. Manmeet walks to Sarkar outside the palace and thanks her. Meet says it was your idea, no problem. He asks where you’re going. I’m going to the market to buy Sapna, Jasodha needs something for her chunni, and I’ll bring it to your mother, so she won’t take it from me.

It’s hot outside, so I’ll drop you off at the market. Manmeet asks why you’re doing this. Meet says I’m taking care of my family, but don’t forget that I am filling the gap between you and Sarkar. Meet sits on his bike and gives her a helmet before they leave. Shagun sees them leave together.

Imarti walks up to Jalebi and asks what she is doing. Jalebi says she is leaving because Jasodha is pregnant and you can’t do anything about it. You will be a daughter-in-law of this house, just wait and watch. Imarti says I will fight until my last breath and I won’t accept defeat.

Meeting and Manmeet in market. Meet is buying things for Jasodha. Meet sees a Swizz knife in the market. She remembers Meet Ahlawat giving it to her on her birthday. Meet walks away from Manmeet. Manmeet stops her and gives her the swiss knife.


Manmeet tells Jashoda that Bapu Sarkar will now come and forgive you.

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