Meet 30th March 2023 Written Update

Meet : Written Episode, Written Update for 30th March 2023

It is Sarkar’s room. Manmeet walks to him and sits on his legs and apologizes. Mahendra rushes to the room and slaps Manmeet, calling him a cheater and saying he didn’t consider anyone in this family, is your relationship with Meet more important than Bapu Sarkar’s relationship? Tell me what happened in court and why you backed Meet.

If Meet had been punished, everyone would have accused my mother of not teaching me how to respect women if she had not taught me how to respect women. Manmeet apologizes to Bapu Sarkar, I love my mother dearly and do not want anyone to doubt her upbringing. Your father regarded you as his pride and trusted you a lot. Manmeet replies I am willing to accept any punishment.

I will call Meet’s father and ask him to take her from our house, and then everything will be fine, today will be Meet’s last night at Sarkar Palace, give me one chance. Sarkar walks out of the room.

Mahendra asks Sarkar why didn’t say something. Sarkar says sometimes silence does all the work, he has realized what he has done, I won’t speak to him until Meet is out of his and he knows what he needs to do.

On a call with Raj, Manmeet says I want to discuss Meet. Raj remembers what Meet told him about leaving Manmeet. Raj suggests we meet at Shivji’s temple since we are in Sarkarpur. Manmeet says okay, I’ll meet you there and disconnects the call. The conversation makes Shagun think Meet will return to her home now.

As Jasodha lights a diya in the temple, Meet helps her do so, and they pray together. Jasodha asks her how happy she is today. Jasodha’s son supported you against his father. You see my win, and I can see my mother’s upbringing, and Manmeet proved that his mother taught him respect for women today.

Meet says I cannot take this responsibility, I’ll be leaving tomorrow. Jasodha asks why you want to leave. Meet replies that Shagun can take this responsibility.

After hearing everything, Anuja says, “You can’t leave us, I know bad things happen to you here.” He says he also has good things in this house because he has two sisters, you and Meghna, and a mother like Jasodha who loves her family so much that I have to go for his happiness.

Meet asks Manmeet if he will drink lassi at dinner. He nods in agreement. Meet sits down at dinner and says let’s eat together just remember this is our last night at Sarkar Palace. I don’t know when we’ll get time to have dinner, but you’ve made everything I like.

I think everything you want is here, except for me. Manmeet says that time is long gone and you are my favourite now. He says let’s play a game together, we’ll only lie to each other like I would say you’re the only man in Sarkarpur. There is no one in Sarkarpur as beautiful as you, I like your hairstyle.

It is a pleasure to spend time with each other. Manmeet says when I saw you for the first time I fell in love with you. Meet and Manmeet have dinner together, and spend quality time. Manmeet asks how you felt. Meet says I liked you once I knew you. Manmeet asks why you seemed to be telling the truth.

When Meet says this game is boring, he asks him if you will miss him once I’m gone. Manmeet says one day we have to return to our old world, but I have become accustomed to having you around. I feel the same way and tell him we had played together as friends and no one could ever beat us.

You are right, Manmeet, we both know we should get back to our separate worlds. Now that I have left, Manmeet says, “I have to leave.” Meet says, “At least finish the lassi, it’s a bad omen.” Manmeet leaves. She drinks the lassi and says I’ll finish it for you so you won’t have bad eyes on you.

He tells Manmeet that the papers have been transferred to Meet’s name and that he has to sign them. Manmeet takes the documents and the lawyer leaves. When Manmeet prays to Shivji, he says, “I want to fix my mistakes by signing these papers for Meet, I want to do everything right for me and Meet, and now I’ll start a new beginning by signing these documents.”

Seeing an accident on his bike, Manmeet walks toward the scene. A man says his wife died at the scene, and the man is in serious condition. Manmeet asks the man what happened; he says someone met with an accident. As Meet packs her bag, Raj and Babita’s photo falls. Manmeet notices Raj on a stretcher.


Manmeet sees Raj on a stretcher after Raj meets with an accident.

Crying says I’m feeling weird and I think something bad is about to happen.

In the hospital, Raj tells Manmeet to promise not to tell Meet anything until someone comes into her life to support her.


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