Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th March 2023 Written Update on

Satya asks Paakhi how she feels about Sai as a human. Paakhi says she already told the court that she does not like Sai at all. Satya says it is her opinion, others may consider Sai a good person, otherwise, why would Sai risk her life-saving Paakhi? Paakhi asserts that she is unaware of the details mentioned, but what she does know is that Sai is a deceitful, malicious, and cold-hearted woman who has caused harm to her.

A judge asks Satya to be specific about his point as he is not a lawyer and has no authority to speak for Sai. Paakhi’s lawyer states that Satya is intentionally provoking his client. As Satya asks Paakhi if she considers herself a doormat, Paakhi says no and wants to prove that if Sai tries to snatch her family, she will snatch her profession.

According to Satya, Paakhi filed a lawsuit against Sai to get revenge on her; he visited the accident site and the nursing home where Paakhi was cared for and is 100% certain that what Sai and Pulkit did in that situation was absolutely necessary or otherwise they wouldn’t have seen Paakhi now between them, so the medical council cannot afford to lose two talented doctors, so it asks the judge not to revoke the licenses of Sai and Pulkit.

In her comment to Paakhi, Bhavani says that an evil mind always thinks evil. After hearing all parties, the judge announces that it has been established that Paakhi falsely accused Dr Sai and Dr Pulkit, so he gives them a clean chit and expects them to continue working honestly and diligently. After hearing the verdict, everyone claps. Sai thanks Satya with an emotional expression. Virat is jealous of that. Bhavani thanks the gods.

It is Paakhi’s lawyer who apologizes to her for losing the case. Ashwini asks Paakhi to forget about what happened. Paakhi walks away (unable to get a sad expression on her face). Outside the court, Satya thanks Sai for putting aside their personal issues and giving her a favourable verdict. Satya says he saved the medical profession, not her. Next, Virat thanks Satya for his unbiased investigation, and he says if he hadn’t helped them, they wouldn’t be around now.

Satya congratulates them both and asks them to celebrate their victory. Virat and Sai shake hands. The title track of Serial plays in the background. Paakhi walks out of court sad. As Bhavani returns home, Virat congratulates him for bringing the Kankavli people to court in support of Sai. The case is going against Sai because of Bhavani’s bribe act. She says that whatever she did was for his sake. Paakhi walks in front of a speeding truck without thinking. Ninad pulls her away on time.

In Ashwini’s words, she must control herself. Paakhi begins her emotional blackmail telling everyone her presence doesn’t matter anymore, her husband is supporting his ex-wife against her and soon will hand over her son to his ex-wife, Bhavani plans to kick him out of the house, and she must be planning a party already. Bhavani says she knows what is in Sai’s mind and asks if he loves her. Virat asks what she means by doing it for him.

She returns home. Mohit, Karishma, and Sonali ask if she won her case. Sai says the truth won. Mohit says he knew Sai would win. Vinayak approaches Sai and asks if she passed her exam. Sai agrees with the statement, acknowledging that Dr Satya has been of great assistance to her. Vinayak inquires whether Sai’s mother also passed her exam, but Sai replies negatively, stating that she did not.

She and her mother can’t pass their exams together, his mother always suffers losses, etc. Vinayak asks why. Sai thinks she should do something to cheer him up. Bhavani insists that Virat should reveal if he loves Sai or not. He agrees he loves Sai. He recalls quality moments spent with Sai. A song plays in the background, Ab Na Jaa.

Bhavani asks why he does not tell Sai about the feelings he experiences when she is around him because he feels alive when she is around him. Despite the fact that Paakhi is his wife, whatever Bhavani is thinking cannot happen since he is suffocating from within and will die one day suffocated. He cannot do anything about this, Paakhi is his responsibility. Bhavani asks if he will then forget Sai.


Paakhi tells Virat that now she wants to start afresh with him. Virat says that he also wants to start afresh with him, but wants to make Sai his life partner again. He opens the door excitedly and calls Sai.

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