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Written Episode of Suhaagan 11th May 2023 on

As the episode begins, Bindiya feels bad for Phoolwati and tells Dadi that she will be sad that she must leave. Moti Bua used to trouble Maa too, but even she didn’t feel bad and said she was our bahu. Phoolwati hears them. Madan asks her if she wants help packing.

After Dadi wakes Bindiya and others, Madan opens the door. Master Ji is at the door, telling them Phoolwati has troubled the villagers and asking her to handle her. They see a rope around Phoolwati’s neck.

She tells Dadi that her Amma does not want to stay in the house. Bhim asks Rose for forgiveness. Bhim asks her what about me, who I will give flowers to and whose legs I will massage, and where I will find a beautiful wife like you. He says he cannot think of remarriage. The villagers laugh.

Dadi asks Phoolwati to come home and says they will sit and talk. Phoolwati says she is not their enemy and has a soft heart. Madan asks her why she tried to send the girls to the orphanage. She says there is no food at home when she comes here after hearing Amma’s news.

She lies that she has decided to send them to an orphanage for their better living and education. She hugs Bindiya and Payal and asks them to forgive her. Madan and Rekha think that she is acting much better than them. Bindiya asks Phoolwati not to do this and asks Dadi to forgive her. She goes to hang herself.

In the end, Bindiya tells Dadi she has become great by forgiving Bua. Phoolwati asks Dadi to drink turmeric milk and promises to love the girls. Bindiya asks Dadi to drink milk.

Madan says that you would have been in an orphanage if I hadn’t come. Bindiya says she doesn’t want anyone to keep anyone away from her parents. Madan talks to someone and says he will give the money to Bindiya.

According to Phoolwati, he is Guru, and she is Chela, who is far more wise than him. Rekha asks Madan why you are sad. You trust your plan well. Madan says that I am like a temple bell, says that Bansi threatens me, Bindiya failed my plan, and Phoolwati challenges me.

She doesn’t appeal to me. Madan says we should change our plans. Phoolwati stops Bindiya and Payal and says you won’t go to school. Madan says she tried acting like us, but failed. What is Phoolwati doing? She asks them to change clothes and tells them they won’t go to school today.

Payal kisses Bindiya 13 times as she has turned 13 years old. Dadi says Phoolwati has done this. Phoolwati asks Bindiya to wear the dress. She asks Payal to take a clip and hair band. Despite Payal’s argument, Phoolwati agrees to give the dress to Bindiya. Payal takes it. Madan tries to outwit Phoolwati.

Phoolwati celebrates Bindiya’s birthday. Payal pushes Bindiya while dancing. Masterji scolds Payal. Payal denies apologizing.

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