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Surinder tells Sahiba that she will not get such an offer again, gives her his business card, and asks her to contact him if she changes her mind. Angad drops Seerat near her parents’ home. People stare weirdly at Seerat. Angad notices this and walks alongside her to her parents’ house. Neighbours comment that Seerat is married to Angad’s brother Garry but is roaming with Angad. Angad used to come with Sahiba, but now he comes with Seerat.

Seerat says her house is a few steps away, so she will go from there. Angad asks her to call the driver when she wants to return home, so she leaves for work. The neighbourhood shopkeepers try to pressurize Sahiba into selling her shop since their shops won’t sell until she agrees. Sahiba refuses. Surinder says his boss won’t buy any shop unless Sahiba sells it. Sahiba asks him to let her speak to his boss.

According to Surinder, his boss does not deal directly with anyone. Ajith returns home and informs Santosh that Sahiba refused a 28-lakh offer for the shop. Santosh suggests that she should accept since their shop will not fetch even 14-15 lakh rupees. Ajith tells her not to bother because she brought trouble to them.

She asks them to convince Sahiba to sell her shop as she is opposing her in-laws and they both have to stay with Brar family and follow their responsibilities as Brar DILs. Seerat enters and says he should take the final decision since it’s his shop. She says Sahiba is opposing her in-laws, which is not right since they both have to remain with Brar family and follow their responsibilities as Brar DILs.

Seerat returns home serves tea to the family, and tells Akaal that she had visited her parents and discussed Sahiba’s adamantness, even though they agree that Sahiba should sell her shop. Ajith is a mature man, and he is glad that his parents agreed to sell the shop, despite Sahiba’s stubbornness and decision.

Jasleen believes Seerat played the card right; she says Sahiba will not agree and that a daughter-in-law should be like Seerat, protecting Brar family rules and dignity, but Manveer’s daughter-in-law has broken Brar family rules. She says she can see the desire of the Baweja daughter-in-law to become a Brar daughter-in-law.

Japyoth asks them to stop as there is no comparison in relationships. Akaal says Japjyoth is right, Seerat and Sahiba are not comparable. Prabjyoth says it makes no sense to compare them since they are sisters. Both are from the same family, one is married to her son and doesn’t respect him, and the other is trying to gain his unnecessary attention. Her son finds himself trapped between the two.

Sahiba continues to refuse to accept the deal from the shopkeepers. They start breaking all her artwork and threaten to destroy her entire shop. Mobs gather. They shoo the mob away. Surinder attempts to stop the shopkeepers and asks Sahiba to accept his offer. Sahiba refuses.

Surinder calls Angad and briefs him about the situation. Angad rushes to Sahiba’s shop and calls her. He gets stuck in traffic, borrows someone’s bike and drives there.

Ajith reaches the shopkeepers, but even he cannot stop them. They push him away and injure him.


Ajith asks Surinder about Sahiba.

A burning pipe falls on Angad as he tries to rescue Sahiba from fire.

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