Teri Meri Doriyaann 9th Jan 2023 Written Episode update


Update on Teri Meri Doriyaan 9th January 2023: Angad and Sahiba at Loggerheads

Gurleen inquires if Sahiba has undertaken a fine arts course, to which Sahiba responds that while she wanted to, her father was an artist and her artistic aptitude is inherited from him. Garry attempts to rile Angad by praising Sahiba, while Angad contends that she is only a worker and will not be bestowed with a promotion. Unbeknownst to them, Sahiba overhears the conversation and states that she demands her wages. He offers her money as well as additional tips but Kiara mocks him for doing so. Rejecting his monetary possessions, Sahiba asserts that she works for providence instead of financial benefits and desires to create an Omkar figure prior to Guru Maharaj ji/Guru Granth sahib’s arrival. Afterwards, Jaspal notifies Akal about Guru Maharaj ji/Guru Granth sahib’s accession and Akal carries the holy book atop his head into the house. As soon as Guru Maharaj ji/Guru Granth sahib’s entrance occurs, Sahiba finishes painting her Omkar project.

Guests compliment Javjot on his exquisite decorations. Priest recites the prayers and everyone follows along, Angad distributes prasad and stops at Sahiba. Sahiba requests some prasad as she won’t be returning it. Angad hands her some of the prasad and indicates that the workers will finish soon and leave. She expresses hope that the passes will reach her home as promised. Keerat, meanwhile, is practising boxing on a mattress, to which Seerat objects due to the dust being spread around. Keerat retorts that this dust is good for her skin. Santosh berates Keerat when she doesn’t get passes, upon which Taiji walks in and comments that they shouldn’t expect to visit a rich family. But Santosh still holds faith that the passes will come in time. Fortunately, Angad sends them off soon enough; Santosh expressed ecstatic joy for being able to fulfil her wish of getting her daughters married into a wealthy family shortly. Taiji inquires who sent those passes; they all make way for their guests shortly after!

Akal praises Angad for his attempt of trying to perfect the task he was given, and Parminder and Gurleen concur with him by noting that he is a perfectionist. Jasleen scolds Garry for not being present at the right time which gives Angad an edge over him. As soon as Angad receives a phone number from the newspaper editor which may help in tracking down someone, Garry runs off to hide his phone.

Angad and Sahiba clash by mistake. They begin an argument. Kiara joins Angad in humiliating Sahiba. Sahiba answers each question appropriately. Angad asks her to leave. Sahiba says this is what one can expect from rich people who welcome until the work is done and then change their attitude. As she walks away, she greets Sat Sri Akal.

It begins with Angad saying he needs a girl who is well-mannered and values family. Sahiba sacrifices her earrings for Seerat.

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