Meet 3rd March 2023 Written Update

While walking inside Sarkar Palace, Meet is stopped by Shagun, who tells her she doesn’t care for Manmeet at all, and on the other hand, you do pooja with him. Stay away from my Manmeet. She starts walking away and says he’s my husband and I’m his wife, and we’ll do pooja lots, so why don’t you pack and leave? Meet says I will leave this house after you get Manmeet’s signature. Shagun walks away. Meet thinks to herself, this is my last chance to win.

Jasodha and Gunwanti are present as well. Sarkar looks at Manmeet and says don’t worry about garland, nothing will happen. Jasodha remembers how Swamiji told her to throw Meet out. Sundari and Anuja are going downstairs carefully so that nobody can see them. Sundari tells Anuja to run away before anyone sees her. Sarkar asks Jasodha about the money. Jasodha nods her head yes. Sarkar asks Jasodha about the file brought by a lawyer. She says I’ll get it for you.

Seeing the shoes stacked above each other near the column, Jasodha takes the file. Sundari and Anuja also leave when Jasodha walks away. Jasodha says already things in this house are not right and now they want to bring more bad luck. She separates the shoes from each other and leaves.

Keeping an eye on everyone, Meet thinks I want Shagun to sign the papers. Jasodha gives Sarkar the file. Sarkar says Jasodha’s silence indicates that she has been very hurt because of the events during the pooja. Sarkar gives him documents and asks him to read and sign them. Manmeet says no worries once I win the match with Meet.

You and Narendra have already seen the documents, so I will sign them directly. Meet thinks to herself that this is her chance. She signals Shagun to act. Shagun takes the plate and walks toward Manmeet, where she drops the papers while serving him. I’ll pick up these papers while you take your lunch.

Shagun picks up documents and mixes Meet’s document with the file. Manmeet asks her what she is doing. She says nothing and hands him the file. Manmeet says why do you look so nervous, these are just documents. He takes the file and signs them all. Shagun walks away. The woman says to herself, “Now that I have defeated Manmeet without a wrestling match,”.

In the kitchen, Meet is waiting for Shagun’s message. Imarti and Sapna are eating dinner. Meet says Sundari Chachi did not come for dinner. Sapna says I asked her but she declined.

When Sunari prays to God in her room, she says everything will be alright because of your blessings. Standing behind her, Meet asks how you can be happy after punishing your daughter. I know Anuja did wrong, but if you try to explain things to her, I’m sure she’ll be willing to forgive her.

Sundara says that being a girl is the biggest mistake. When a girl is born, she is punished, and she ends up dead. In this house, everyone makes sure to make you realize you are a girl, and that all of the rules don’t allow women freedom, but you won’t understand because you’re a city girl, and she walks away. Because no one questions anything, Meet thinks to herself that these rules are here.

Meet waits for Shagun’s message. Manmeet walks to Meet and tells him what happened, all your moves have been finished, now what are you going to do since we’ll wrestle for sure, and my family and I will be happy after the match. Meet says that’s right and I’ll leave you now.

I’ll be sleeping peacefully, Manmeet says. He also says that I’ll be sleeping peacefully because I know I’ll win. Manmeet says in the Olympics girls fight with girls, not boys, and still believe they can win. Despite the fact that boys have better physical strength than girls, girls have brains and emotions too. Boys can fight and girls can handle any situation.

Manmeet laughs and says there is no competition in talking, but this won’t help you in the arena and mocks her. He gives her ointment and says this will help her tomorrow when she is in pain from losing.

As Manmeet attempts to walk away, he falls into a stool. Meet mocks him back and applies ointment to his forehead and says I think you will need it more than me. She leaves. Shagun stands numb when Meet asks her if she brought the documents. Meet says those documents are the key to your happy life, so give me those documents and you can spend your life with Manmeet, I know you both love each other and I’ll leave if you give me those documents now.

Shagun says it’s true I love my Manmeet and can do anything for him but I won’t hide things from him, so I won’t give you documents. You tried to trick me, and even I took the signature so you could leave, but after that… He consoles her for the garland and gives her confidence. Shagun hugs him and throws the documents into the fire. ‘I love my Manmeet a lot, that’s why I trust him, that’s why I burned those papers, now we’ll meet in the arena tomorrow. Get ready for your loss, Shagun says.

When Meet walks alone, she remembers everything, becomes angry and kicks the wall, hurts her leg, and throws rocks to express her frustration. According to Meet, my husband only saw one dream, and I am trying to make that dream come true for all women in this village. I have been listening to make your own way since I was a child, so why is every path closed to me? She looks at the pendent and cries.


Manmeet and Meet in the arena. Manmeet says you’ll pay for your mistakes Meet. Manmeet throws Meet in the air. Manmeet says to stay within your limits.

Manmeet throws her again and says, “I’ll bury you and your dreams.” Meet gets up again and says, “If you have strength, then come.”

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