Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 3rd March, 2023 Written episode update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Abhir is hospitalized.

Abhir is on the phone talking to DocMan requesting him to convince his parents to stay back. He is praying that someone agrees to his request. Abhimanyu then asks Abhinav to stay back and Abhinav ends the call. Abhir lets out a sigh, knowing that his DocMan has asked them to leave. Akshara insists that they have to go back and Abhinav expresses concern for her well-being. Meanwhile, Dadi, Suvarna and Manish discuss Aarohi’s new relationship while acknowledging that Akshara leaving will be hard on Akhilesh and Surekha. Manish thinks it wise if Akshara goes back first before everyone gets accustomed to the new dynamics and then comes back later.

Manjiri conveys the news of the puja coming up soon followed by the engagement with Shefali taking charge of purchasing a ring for it. Abhi then runs into a cabinet in the bathroom and hurts himself which causes Manjiri to promise to change it soon. Roohi is happy about Abhimanyu’s and Aarohi’s engagement, which makes Abhi also happy despite the slight accident he just had; Manjiri then shares her relief knowing Akshara will be leaving for Kasauli soon. As this conversation unravels, Abhimanyu receives a call from Rohan, upon which he takes his leave.

Abhir says he is feeling weak and cannot travel but Akshara asks him not to pretend to be sick. Dadi sobs as Akshara states that nobody should get emotional; they MUST be leaving today. While in the car Abhir collapses into Akshu’s lap, and she notices he is suffering from a high fever; she initially thought he was pretending to faint. Abhinav inquires how he fell ill suddenly, reminding them of his fainting fit in the temple. The driver is ordered to drive towards the nearest hospital, as Manish anxiously awaits for their call. Muskaan appears disheartened and Kairav remarks on how necessary it was for them to leave.

Surekha is back.

Surekha comes and surprises them. Abhinav calls for a doctor urgently. Akshu spots the Birla hospital board, and the nurse recognizes her. Akshara instructs the nurse to call a doctor quickly as her son was unwell. The nurse informs her that Dr Abhimanyu was on his way. However, Akshara insists on seeing another doctor. They hurriedly make their way inside the hospital. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu is driving to the same hospital – thinking of Akshara – when he has to stop as there is a car in front of him. He takes a moment to take a sip of water before continuing on his journey. Surekha greets everyone at the hospital and Dr Chawla reports that Abhir’s vitals are normal. Despite this information, Akshara still worries and checks her son’s pulse herself, while the Nurse asks her to fill out the relevant paperwork. Abhinav encourages Akshara to go and fill out the forms while he stays with Abhir in the ward, but she declines and says she will stay with their son till he recovers fully. Akshara walks out and bumps into Abhimanyu. She informs him about Abhir falling sick suddenly. Abhimanyu rushes towards the ward to check on Abhir but Akshara stops him. Abhinav tells Akshara that Abhimanyu was just trying to help but Akshara is scared that Abhimanyu may find out the truth.

Manish enquires Surekha about Akhilesh’s whereabouts, to which she replies that he was busy and that Lvv and Kush’s business was doing well. Surekha added that her presence was needed here because here everyone is so sweet. She then asked how Akshara had reacted to the news of Aarohi’s engagement with Abhimanyu.

Upon hearing Abhir’s voice, Abhimanyu stopped and went over to check his reports before calming him down by saying that his DocMan is with him. When Abhinav arrived at the scene, Abhimanyu was hugging Abhir and Abhir is calling him Papa.

Suwarna mentioned both Akshshara and Abhimanyu were mature in their approach and both have moved ahead in life. She informed Surekha that Akshara is on her way back to Kasauli. Surekha added her view that perhaps Akshara should have stayed back. Dadi then fed her sweets, adding for her to say something sweet too, thus making Muskaan joke about it.

Abhir wakes and finds Abhimanyu at his side. When asked how he was feeling, Abhir mumbles that he doesn’t know. Abhi then reassures him that his parents have gone to get him medicine, and Abhir responds with the hope that he will be fine soon. At this point, Akshara appears on the scene and Abhir sees Abhinav, asking him to come in. Abhir asks Abhimanyu to pray to Shivji for his good health. With the mention of Shivji however, Abhi is reminded of a disagreement with the god. He sees Abhinav and quickly declares that he was about to leave anyway. The doctor eventually arrives and gives his discharge papers, cautioning them against any long journeys for a few days as Abhir’s fever might return. Finally relieved of worry, Abhir thanks Shivji for their stay in Udaipur being extended even further.

The precap: During the Puja Abhimanyu takes Akshara’s name when the pandit ji asks him to take the name of his wife.

Akshara and Abhinav come with the Kalash for the Puja but Manjiri does not allow her to enter the house.

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